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Enjoy Some Peace and Quiet with ClearSpan

Whisper Quiet FabricOur ClearSpan Fabric Structures offer a number of benefits that simply cannot be found in traditional structures. Offering maximum usable space, abundant natural lighting, a warmer climate during winter and cooler climate during summer, the ability to easily disassemble and move these structures if needed and the low cost per square foot, our fabric buildings have become increasingly popular within a number of industries. Of all the added benefits of our structures, perhaps one of the less commonly noted benefits is the whisper quiet fabric covering, which is beneficial for livestock and people alike. From manufacturing buildings to indoor riding arenas, the whisper-quiet fabric creates a peaceful and stress-free environment. Read more

Famous Building Fun Facts

Eiffel TowerBy now, were sure that our dedicated blog followers know all the hard hitting facts about our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings. For example, if we asked what our trusses are made of, we know you would instantly respond with American-made, triple-galvanized steel, and bonus points if you add on the 50-year frame warranty. While we could easily talk about our structures until the cows come home, we wanted to mix things up this week and share with you some interesting facts about famous structures from around the world.   Read more

New Equestrian Sports

Equestrian SportsWithin the past few years the equestrian community has seen several new riding disciplines emerge. There are many styles and types of riding seen across the globe, from trail horses that spend most of their days herding cattle across the land, to hunter jumpers that spend hours in the ring. Some of the more traditional riding styles are: dressage, show jumping, reigning, western pleasure, driving and vaulting. Of course there are countless more, but the two newest disciplines that I find interesting are western dressage and mounted shooting. Every day I talk to a broad spectrum of equine customers, some ride dressage, others vault and several barrel race. Over the past two years I have encountered more and more customers who ride western dressage and participate in mounted shooting events. I thought it may be interesting to go into a little more detail about these two riding styles.  Read more

Preventing Barn Pests

Mouse in the barnSpring time is near, and that means that unwanted barn dwellers will soon come out of hiding and become active once again. Pests are not only unsightly, but can also be hazardous to your health and the health of your livestock. Whether your pest problem is large or small, quickly identifying and addressing any sort of issue is the proper thing to do. Read more

Customer Spotlight: Raising Cattle with ClearSpan

Gleason Cattle CompanyKatrina and Chad Gleason, owners of Gleason Cattle Company, know all too well the unpredictability of the weather in Wisconsin. From cold, windy winters and hot summers, the Gleasons needed protection from these elements to house their beef calves. Raising about 300 calves per year, the Gleasons needed a solution that would provide them with enough space and adequate shelter that would sustain over the varied weather patterns of their state. They found this solution in a ClearSpan Fabric Structure. Read more

Customer Spotlight: Storing salt smarter with ClearSpan

72 x 108 Hartford, CTIncorporated in 1784 and appointed the sole capital city of Connecticut in 1875, the city of Hartford covers 17.3 square miles and has a population of 125,000, making it the fourth largest city in the Constitution State. As winters become longer and more crippling, the city must quickly respond to snow and ice removal for its residents, commuters and workers that account for a general metropolitan area of over 1.2 million people. Read more

Safely store away winter supplies with ClearSpan

ClearSpan Mini GarageOn the ClearSpan blog we’re constantly highlighting our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings and Hybrid Buildings. These custom buildings offer outstanding benefits and can be made to suit any need, but did you also know that ClearSpan provides a number of smaller structures? These smaller structures are ideal for your winter equipment storage needs, such as storing away vehicles and other miscellaneous equipment. As winter transitions into spring, your winter supplies require a safe storage space, and more often than not, a building as large as a Hercules Truss Arch or Hybrid building is not needed.  So let’s take a look at some of our smaller storage structure solutions. Read more

Why Customers Love Our Fabric Structures

Love for ClearSpanIt’s that time of year again, love is in the air. Here at ClearSpan Fabric Structures, February 14 isn’t the only day of the year that our customers share their love of our product with us. Our fabric structures are highly versatile, dependable and come with a highly sought after reputation, making them ideal for any application. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we wanted to share some kind words from our customers that have left us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Read more

3 Questions on Winter Horse Care

Horses in snowLast week most of New England was hit by a nasty blizzard. Snow, wind and ice pilled high on roads and houses. So while I was enjoying my snow day at home curled up on the couch with a coffee, I thought about writing this month’s blog on winter horse care. During the summer it’s easy to get out of bed to feed and water. You don’t have to put on layer after layer of fleece and snow pants just to keep warm! On the coldest and snowiest of mornings I long for summertime, when it doesn’t take me ten minutes to trudge through two feet of snow! There’s no way around it, taking care of your horses during the winter is a challenge. Winter weather requires more care consideration, such as blanketing, preventing drinking water from freezing and what to do if the paddocks are too icy to put the horses out. Read more

Surviving the Storm with ClearSpan

ClearSpan in the snowWith the first major storm of the winter season hitting the Northeast this past week, we thought this would be a great time to discuss some of the ways that we design our buildings for winter weather. As you may know, each of our fabric structures are designed and engineered to meet local wind and snow loads, but did you know that our winter survival skills don’t just stop there? From the truss arched frame with a 50 year warranty to the custom fabric covering that carries a 20 year warranty, there are a number of ways in which our buildings are designed to help ensure your structure will withstand the test of time, even when battling “Old Man Winter”. Read more