Customer Spotlight: Red Hook Terminals

IMG_2652Challenge – Lack of covered work space for personnel and cargo
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 70′ wide x 120′ long
Application – Processing facility for marine cargo

Red Hook Terminals specializes in processing cargo to be loaded onto large trans-Atlantic ships. Head of Port and Terminal Development Joe Abbate mentioned that with the terminals location near the Gulf of Mexico, weather has always been a concern for Red Hook. “In most of our company’s locations we don’t have shelter for the employees to work within, so we often have to shut down operation during inclement weather, which costs us considerable money and resources.”

Red Hook Terminals determined they needed a structure in order to provide their employees with a safe, professional work environment during inclement weather; ClearSpan was the answer. Abbate said, “I shopped for a building online and found ClearSpan was cost-effective, while also having a translucent fabric cover, allowing for heaps of natural light to enter the building, which saves us in energy costs.” After considering all of their options, Abbate decided ClearSpan was the right choice. “I was able to communicate my exact needs at a cost-effective price, while also having a swift delivery and installation process.”

Since the installation, employees of Red Hook have really enjoyed working within the building. Abbate said, “Where we would normally stop working in heavy rains and run the risk of heat stroke during hot sunny days, we can now operate efficiently within a controlled environment and won’t lose time and money because of weather concerns.” Red Hook’s facility has endured three large storms since the installation, and the building stood firm through all three. As far as Abbate knows, this is the first time someone is using a ClearSpan building within the cargo shipping industry for this particular application. “We have raised the bar by installing a ClearSpan building and using it for this purpose.” Abbate is currently in the process of purchasing another ClearSpan structure. “We feel the width and length combination is correct, and we appreciate the fact that the building is built to the standard we expect,” he said.


Abbate and Red Hook appreciated working with ClearSpan. “Our experience working with ClearSpan has been exceptional. Prior to actually fabricating this building we had several meetings with project management and engineering. Everything we discussed was executed.”Abbate concluded, “I have recommended ClearSpan to anyone who has asked me about the building in our industry and will continue to do so.”

Watch our special video testimonial to see more of the building in action.

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