Author: Chris Machnich

Discover the ClearSpan Advantage

Volga, SD close upWorking with ClearSpan is an obvious choice for just about any building project. With years of building experience within the agricultural, industrial and municipal sectors, as well as many other industries, ClearSpan creates tailored buildings that function exactly how customers need them to. Continue reading

Finding the foundation for success

Helical 4A few years ago I saw a firsthand what happens when a foundation cracks and begins to give way. It started as a small crack – and actually stayed small for a while – but soon began to grow and develop until it put the house’s structural integrity in jeopardy. Turns out other homes in the area had experienced similar problems, and it was all traced back to a single contractor – no surprise – that had used a poor batch of concrete. The section of the damaged foundation had to be dug out, removed and replaced, which was no doubt as expensive as it sounds. Continue reading

Safely store away winter supplies with ClearSpan

ClearSpan Mini GarageOn the ClearSpan blog we’re constantly highlighting our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings and Hybrid Buildings. These custom buildings offer outstanding benefits and can be made to suit any need, but did you also know that ClearSpan provides a number of smaller structures? These smaller structures are ideal for your winter equipment storage needs, such as storing away vehicles and other miscellaneous equipment. As winter transitions into spring, your winter supplies require a safe storage space, and more often than not, a building as large as a Hercules Truss Arch or Hybrid building is not needed.  So let’s take a look at some of our smaller storage structure solutions. Continue reading

ClearSpan Fabric Structures? More like ClearSpan Fun Structures!

Indoor Soccer Field by ClearSpanClearSpan provides design-build solutions for any application, and with all the success we’ve found constructing storage and industrial buildings, it’s easy to overlook all of the custom fabric structures we’ve built to ensure people of all ages have fun. That’s right, ClearSpan isn’t just for those looking for a manufacturing space or a municipal building to protect sand and salt, we’re also for those looking to ensure skateboarders have a place to shred, athletes can train year-round and vacationers can take in a concert or special event. We want our customers to enjoy their fabric structure, so let’s take a look at some of our buildings that are dedicated to having a good time. Continue reading