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Discover the ClearSpan Advantage

Volga, SD close upWorking with ClearSpan is an obvious choice for just about any building project. With years of building experience within the agricultural, industrial and municipal sectors, as well as many other industries, ClearSpan creates tailored buildings that function exactly how customers need them to. Continue reading

ClearSpan’s Commodity HD Building simplifies bulk and aggregate storage


ClearSpan, the industry-leader in fabric building solutions, unveiled its brand new structure, the Commodity HD Building. The structure features an open side that simplifies bulk and aggregate storage. Continue reading

Photo Blog: Tour the ClearSpan Manufacturing Building

ClearSpan Manufacturing BuildingHave you ever found yourself asking the question, “How do they do that?” No matter how many times we explain the process of designing, engineering and manufacturing a ClearSpan fabric structure, we know that often times seeing is believing. That’s why this week, we are giving a behind the scenes look at our centrally located Dyersville, Iowa manufacturing building to show how we produce each of our 100 percent America-made fabric structures in a ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Building of our own. Continue reading

The ClearSpan Advantage to Salt Storage

Salt Storage in a ClearSpan Fabric StructureWhether it’s for a small parking lot or a major highway, sand and salt application is extremely common during the winter months. With sand and salt being used by State Highway Departments, small businesses and everything in between, many laws and regulations have been put into place to prevent damage to the environment, particularly due to improperly stored salt. We here at ClearSpan have been designing and installing sand and salt storage structures for years, all of which comply with these regulations. For those that are considering adding a sand and salt storage facility, or for those thinking of upgrading their structure, we here at ClearSpan can provide you with a proper storage facility that will withstand the test of time. In this week’s blog, we will discuss the regulations for salt storage and look at the ways that our ClearSpan Fabric Structures make an ideal solution for it. Continue reading

ClearSpan’s Class of 2014

ClearSpan in 2014

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2014, we wanted to take a moment and look back at some of the buildings that came to be during this past year. With riding arenas, storage facilities, livestock housing and more, 2014 has been a great year, and we wanted to showcase some of our favorite buildings from the past twelve months. Continue reading

The ClearSpan Milestones – Part II

ClearSpan MilestonesSince first sharing some of our historic milestones back in February, we have been experiencing continued growth and have once again reached some noteworthy achievements. With buildings both near and far, our latest set of milestones have taken us from the Northeast, to the Southwest and even onto foreign soil. No matter how big or small our buildings may be, all of our recent achievements have been huge, and we just can’t wait any longer to share them with you! Continue reading

ClearSpan Fabric Structures? More like ClearSpan Fun Structures!

Indoor Soccer Field by ClearSpanClearSpan provides design-build solutions for any application, and with all the success we’ve found constructing storage and industrial buildings, it’s easy to overlook all of the custom fabric structures we’ve built to ensure people of all ages have fun. That’s right, ClearSpan isn’t just for those looking for a manufacturing space or a municipal building to protect sand and salt, we’re also for those looking to ensure skateboarders have a place to shred, athletes can train year-round and vacationers can take in a concert or special event. We want our customers to enjoy their fabric structure, so let’s take a look at some of our buildings that are dedicated to having a good time. Continue reading

Customer Spotlight: Service Dog Project Inc.

Service Dog Project 60'W x 80'L Hercules Truss ArchThe Great Dane is one of the top 15 largest dog breeds any person can own. Standing just under three feet tall and weighing anywhere from 100-200 pounds, it is safe to say that owning one Great Dane means you need a large amount of space. Considering that Service Dog Project Inc. (SDP), a service dog training program in Ipswich, MA, is raising and training approximately 25 Great Danes all at once, they needed a space like none-other. Continue reading