About Us

We here at ClearSpan Fabric Structures have been providing the highest quality fabric building structures in the industry since 1979. From the foundation to the cover’s coloring and everything in between, we offer completely customizable buildings that are affordably priced and built to last. With all services in house, our design, manufacturing and construction teams work tirelessly on your building to ensure that it is built to your exact requirements.

Our work can be seen all across the United States, and in several International locations as well, including Japan, Mexico and even Panama. Used for hay and equipment storage, equine riding arenas, sand and salt storage, workshops and more, our fabric structures have fittingly been named the “Buildings of 1,000 Uses.” With various customizable features and countless applications, we strive to spread knowledge on our buildings each week through our blog and online resources. With customer testimonials, building overviews, company updates and recent projects, our online resources are useful tools when you’re looking to plan a building, solve a problem, hear firsthand accounts on the benefits of owning a fabric structure and more. For projects both large and small, we here at ClearSpan Fabric Structures have the solution to best suit you.



  1. Hello. Have you used your structures for bulk rail car unloading / loading before? If so, could you provide pictures and explain max length, width, height, as well as the load per square ft so we can determine foundation requirements. We are building at a port property and want to avoid the cost of piling so need to use a lighter and ,ore cost effective structure. Thanks.

    1. Hi Louis,

      Yes, our structures have been used in a number of railroad applications. We would be happy to include some photos of these projects and discuss the details of these buildings. We recommend contacting a Truss Arch Specialist by phone at 866-643-1010 to learn more about our railroad solutions. We would be happy to discuss building specifications and requirements in greater detail with you at that time. As for size limitations, our buildings are available up to 300′ wide and at any length desired. We hope to speak with you soon.

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