Safety First – Practical tips for safe training and riding

d9b8fbd0ffef7db37f120b1795ce8f32Even when you are prepared, accidents can happen. Fortunately, most of the time these accidents tend to lead to a bit of bruising at most, but on rare occasions, a small accident can lead to serious injury. Unfortunately, accidents both big or small can happen at any time to anyone. Even professionals are at risk, like the recent incident involving Olivia Inglis and her horse, Coriolanus. While an accident cannot be predicted or prevented, there are a number of steps you can take to try to stop a small accident from becoming a serious injury. The following are some of my top safety tips that I encourage everyone to follow anytime they ride. Continue reading

Customer Spotlight: Solving weather worries with ClearSpan

CS Hope Ranch 2

Challenge – Unpredictable weather conditions
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 73’wide x 120’long
Application –Therapeutic riding and dressage lessons

Originally a 150 year old farm, Hope Ranch for Women bought the farm in 2011 and turned the land into an equine focused therapy facility. Hope Ranch for Women offers an equine-based, assisted personal development and mentoring service in order for women to heal from the physical, mental and spiritual effects of exploitation. As director of the program, Catherine Smith uses her Masters Degree in communication and 50 years of equine experience to run the program and service Hope Ranch’s clients. Continue reading

Dashing through the snow – Riding your horse in winter

Riding in snowFall marks the beginning of the cold-weather riding season, and riding during this time often means riding in snow. Riding year-round is important, because it keeps your horse in good physical condition. The ideal solution for riding year-round is a covered riding arena, as these can be temperature controlled and will keep snow and ice out. At ClearSpan, we specialize in indoor riding arenas, and would be more than happy to design and outfit a building specifically for you and your needs. However, if an indoor riding area is out of the question, outdoor riding during the winter months is a perfectly acceptable practice. Riding outdoors however, means that you must provide special care before and after riding, and if you follow the tips below, you’ll have a successful cold-weather riding season. Continue reading