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Where You’re Most Likely To See Our Buildings During Your Summer Road Trip!

Into the sunsetMemorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start to summer, has come and gone, so now it’s time to hit the road and do that cross-country road trip you’ve been talking about doing the last 10 years, right? Well, if you are going to take on such a feat, there is a 100% chance that you’ll pass by one of our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings, since we have our fabric structures in all 50 states! What state currently holds the rolling title for the most ClearSpan buildings? What states make our Top 5? Take the poll below, check back in one week for the answers, and map out YOUR road trip accordingly.

If you happen to see one of our buildings on your trip, snap a picture of the building, prove to us that you’re on a “road trip,” and we’ll send you a free gift! All you have to do is email the pictures and your mailing address to us at: Don’t worry — we will keep your information confidential — this is our little fun and exciting summertime game.

63 x 360 R Lititz PA CHINT: You’ll know it’s our building if you see our logo at the peak of the building, seen at left! GOOD LUCK!

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“How It’s Made” Comes to ClearSpan


May 8,2014

The Discovery Channel’s popular television show, How It’s Made, descended on a local company’s manufacturing facility to capture the design process of tension fabric buildings. Continue reading

Spring Cleaning Is For The “Other Buildings”

about_header_iowaAt long last, Spring is here! Better late than never, right? Now is the time to replace the storm door with the screen door, clean the windows, get the yard ready, clean out the garden beds and look for the over-the-counter allergy combatant that has the lowest sale price. But if you’ve recently purchased a Hercules Truss Arch Building – a.k.a. a fabric structure – from ClearSpan, or if you’re thinking of buying one soon, you’re probably asking yourself: “How in the world am I supposed to clean that fabric cover?” Continue reading

Saluting Our Veterans’ Strength of Steel

Jet fighter

On the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour, the men and women who serve our country – past, present, and future – are honored and saluted for their service and selfless acts that keep the rest of us at home, safe.  We were part of this solemn tribute yesterday. Continue reading

Helical Anchors, Concrete Piers and Wood Posts Oh My!

Helical AnchorsAt ClearSpan we pride ourselves on providing total building customization. We understand that numerous factors dictate the needs of a Hercules Truss Arch Building and those needs include different foundation options. Continue reading

10 Most Beautiful ClearSpan Fabric Structures

There are many reasons people are turning to ClearSpan Fabric Structures as the solution to their building needs. ClearSpan buildings are low in cost per square foot, energy efficient and feature abundant natural light. Aside from those benefits, Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are very aesthetically pleasing. Let’s face it; everyone wants a good looking building, especially our customers highlighted below. I’ve compiled 10 of our most beautiful ClearSpan Fabric Structures so you can see why they are becoming more and more popular throughout many industries.

Kicking off our countdown are our very own Hercules Truss Arch buildings out in Dyersville, IA. Come on, we had to give props to our own beautiful buildings. Both buildings are used as manufacturing facilities, the building in the rear is 160′ wide by 320′ long and houses all truss welding operations. The building to the right is 100′ wide by 780′ long and is used for building fabrication, as well as shipping and receiving. We were able to double production thanks to these two lovely buildings.Manufacturing facility Continue reading