Finding the foundation for success

Helical 4A few years ago I saw a firsthand what happens when a foundation cracks and begins to give way. It started as a small crack – and actually stayed small for a while – but soon began to grow and develop until it put the house’s structural integrity in jeopardy. Turns out other homes in the area had experienced similar problems, and it was all traced back to a single contractor – no surprise – that had used a poor batch of concrete. The section of the damaged foundation had to be dug out, removed and replaced, which was no doubt as expensive as it sounds.

85 x 100 Indianola IA COccurrences like this could sideline or potentially ruin a business, so obtaining a dependable foundation is a must. ClearSpan is known for unique buildings, but has also set the standard for versatile and dependable foundations. With customers regularly wanting to construct buildings in less-than-ideal locations, ClearSpan has developed a number of options that ensure a foundation’s requirements don’t hinder any project. These options enable ClearSpan’s trademark versatility, while also promoting strength and dependability.

ClearSpan can create all of the traditional foundation options. Poured concrete, pony walls and piers have all been mastered by ClearSpan, but two of the more unique and versatile foundations include the Helical Anchoring System, which is a ClearSpan exclusive, and container foundations.

60 x 156 R Edmond OK ACS Shawnee02

foundation editThe Helical Anchoring System allows ClearSpan to construct buildings just about anywhere. Many customers have had their projects turned down by other companies due to complex foundation expectations, and these customers have found the Helical System to be the only feasible solution. The durable metal anchors drill directly into the ground and create a strong hold that can anchor even the largest buildings indefinitely. They can also be easily removed and reused in a different location, and since they are environmentally friendly, they don’t disturb or harm the surrounding environment.

Helical Anchors are the ideal solution for those that need a building in a remote location or on a site that requires extensive excavation. The materials needed for this foundation can be easily delivered with minimal trips, and Helical Anchors can then be used on uneven or less-than-perfect land. This essentially eliminates expensive site preparation, reducing project costs by thousands of dollars.

Helical 2

Container foundations have quickly become one of the more popular foundation solutions. For this foundation, buildings are built directly onto large shipping containers. This provides a strong foundation that firmly plants the building to the ground.

45 x 80 R Scotland IN A65 x 80 R Casper WY E

The real benefit of these buildings is the added storage. With this foundation style, each side of the building has a built in storage space that runs the entire length of the building. The containers are constructed from durable metal and provide a secure space to store tools and equipment. This style of foundation is often utilized on construction and job sites. Expensive tools and materials can be quickly stored without having to transport them, and owners don’t have to worry about the containers being broken into.


A strong and sturdy foundation is essential to any structure, no matter what it is used for. Building on a foundation that isn’t dependable can cause serious structural problems down the road. Unfortunately, it can be just about impossible to identify a foundation that will fail over time. The only way to truly ensure a dependable foundation is to build with ClearSpan. ClearSpan’s foundation options can be built anywhere and at a reduced cost, making them the ideal option for any building project.

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