ClearSpan Case Study – REV Recreation Group

REV_Tent2Challenge – Protecting motorhomes during production
Solution – ClearSpan Gable HD Building
Size – 50’W x 100’L
Application – Storage for motorhomes in-queue

REV Recreation Group’s manufacturing facility in Decatur, Indiana has been producing motorhomes since 1988, and today it serves as the manufacturing center for American Coach, Fleetwood, Holiday Rambler and Monaco.

Following the acquisition of two major recreational vehicle brands, Holiday Rambler and Monaco, in 2013, the company’s facilities manager, Dennis Walls, surveyed line efficiencies and noted that operational line speeds demonstrated disparities during the production process, placing coaches in a “hold” status when positioned between production and paint processes. The line speeds resulted in the need to resolve overflow of motorhomes “in-queue”, which required an enclosed shelter to avoid enduring inclement weather prior to paint application.


Walls, who has been with the company since 2000, consulted with other facility managers in the industry and found ClearSpan to be a wise investment and resolution to the company’s challenge, and presented the solution to REV Recreation Group’s internal team. ClearSpan’s strong reputation in the industry and history of providing building solutions for multiple companies supported the REV Recreation’s decision to install a 50’ wide by 100’ long ClearSpan Gable HD Building, which has since been constructed and positioned centrally between the manufacturing and paint facilities on company grounds, and is being utilized as an added layer of protection against harsh weather conditions for our motorhomes.

Tent3The ClearSpan building provided a number of process and structural efficiencies for REV Recreation. The most notable solution that the ClearSpan building has provided to REV Recreation is the improved time efficiency in production-to-paint transitioning. Prior to the use of the ClearSpan structure, many hours were spent trying to remove snow or dry rain, moisture and precipitation that may have collected on the motorhomes while they waited in queue. The use of the ClearSpan structure now reduces the amount of time spent prepping motorhomes for the paint process.

A testament to the quality of the ClearSpan product, professional service and ability to provide solutions, Walls stated, “We were in search of a cost-effective solution to protect our motorhomes. The ClearSpan Gable building is a well-designed structure that offered a nearly effortless investment in assembly time, and put very simply, it withstands the wind, snow, rain, or any other weather challenge that we may face. It has served as a true solution and has been a practical fit for our needs.”

To learn more about REV Recreation Group or any of the motorhome brands manufactured, visit

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