Enjoy Some Peace and Quiet with ClearSpan

Whisper Quiet FabricOur ClearSpan Fabric Structures offer a number of benefits that simply cannot be found in traditional structures. Offering maximum usable space, abundant natural lighting, a warmer climate during winter and cooler climate during summer, the ability to easily disassemble and move these structures if needed and the low cost per square foot, our fabric buildings have become increasingly popular within a number of industries. Of all the added benefits of our structures, perhaps one of the less commonly noted benefits is the whisper quiet fabric covering, which is beneficial for livestock and people alike. From manufacturing buildings to indoor riding arenas, the whisper-quiet fabric creates a peaceful and stress-free environment.

The 12.5 ounce, UV-treated, rip-stop polyethylene fabric covering acts similarly to sound proofing, absorbing and muffling sounds from both inside and out. This creates a pleasant environment no matter what the application may be.

Those looking to train year-round can research a number of options for a riding or boarding arena. However, those with a more traditional building may experience trouble with spooking due to excessive noise levels both inside and outside of the structure. Horses inparticular may be spooked by the sound of heavy rain or sleet. In traditional structures the sound of rain or sleet pelting the roof can become very loud and may raise the horses’ anxiety level, resulting in a lost day of riding due to weather, even with a covered riding arena. With a ClearSpan Fabric Structure, inclement weather outside will not affect your ride in anyway. The polyethylene fabric absorbs the heavy hitting rain and sleet, allowing horses to feel at ease, resulting in a safe riding environment anytime of the year.

Riding in ClearSpan Fabric Structure

“Even when there’s heavy wind or inclement weather, the building stays very quiet.” – Pete & Tammy Baldine, Bella Rose Farm

The fabric cover not only reduces outdoor noise, it also reduces noise from within the structure itself. For a larger riding arena where multiple horses may be working at once, a simple whinny or neigh from one horse may echo throughout the building, causing others to become frightened. The same is true for any one that may be working or passing through the structure during a riding session. A simple drop of a bucket or accidental knocking over of a shovel could result in enough indoor noise to spook a horse, resulting in a lowered attention span for training purposes and a heightened level of anxiety for riding. In a ClearSpan Fabric Structure, indoor noise is absorbed by the fabric and greatly reduced overall. No echoing or sound amplification is experienced, resulting in a quiet and peaceful riding environment that is safer for all involved.

Safe riding

“The atmosphere inside the arena is quieter than a typical wood or steel structure and the horses seem to like it better.” – Doug & Barbara Harrison, Golden Sunset Farm

Horses aren’t the only ones that enjoy the peaceful work environment however, the same sound reducing experience can be enjoyed by people as well. Whether you are thinking of a ClearSpan Fabric Structure to solve your year-round riding dilemma or you are in need of additional work space, a ClearSpan Fabric Structure provides a peaceful and stress-free work environment for any application.

Horses runningwarehousing facility

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