Preventing Barn Pests

Mouse in the barn

Spring time is near, and that means that unwanted barn dwellers will soon come out of hiding and become active once again. Pests are not only unsightly, but can also be hazardous to your health and the health of your livestock. Whether your pest problem is large or small, quickly identifying and addressing any sort of issue is the proper thing to do.

Common Pests

Barn pests come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles, so it is recommended that you take many steps if you are looking to have a barn that is entirely free of pests. Some of the most common barn pests are:


Bothersome flies

  • Flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Spiders
  • Gophers
  • Moles
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Birds
  • Squirrels
  • Chipmunks
  • Foxes
  • Raccoons
  • Snakes

These pests, along with a number of others, take advantage of the easy refuge found in barns or storage buildings. Depending on the variety, these pests may also use this space as a hunting ground, which is cause for concern. However, even pests that do not act as predators may still pose a serious health threat to your livestock. Unwanted pests may carry a number of diseases that can have a major impact on the health and well being of livestock and humans alike, and any pests living in your barn may have a damaging effect on the building as well.

Top Prevention Methods

With so many varieties of troublesome pests, there is no catch-all method to barn pest prevention. To meet the various needs of barn and building owners everywhere, our affiliate company, FarmTek, offers a wide variety of pest control products. These solutions range from lethal methods to natural repellants and everything in-between.

For mice, rats, squirrels & chipmunks

For these smaller sized rodents, FarmTek offers bait blocks, traps and ultrasonic repellers. Bait blocks are specially formulated to prevent bait shyness and come in a variety of flavors, such as Peanut Butter and Apple, which are highly enticing to these rodents. These blocks are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, as they will not deteriorate when exposed to the elements.

Top Gun All-Weather RodenticideJT Eaton Bait Blocks

For those looking for more immediate results, FarmTek carries a wide selection of mouse and rat traps, including Tamper-Resistant Bait Stations, Repeater Multi-Catch Mouse Traps, Stick-Em Glue Traps and more traditional Jawz Rodent Traps. All are time-tested and highly effective at eliminating prolonged rodent problems.

Jawz Rodent TrapsTamper-Resistant Mouse Bait Station

As a more subtle and humane means of deterring these pests, the Transonic IX-L Pest Repeller offers a way to drive pests away from the area. This electronic pest repeller uses ultrasonic sounds to disrupt the pests’ habitat by affecting their feeding and communication habits. By compromising these essential habits, rodents are left with no choice but to leave the area. This electronic controller goes unnoticed to humans, but will have a noticeable effect on pests.

Transonic IX-L Pest Repeller

For Flies, Mosquitoes & Spiders           

These pests are extremely common in barn environments, but often times cause a disturbance in storage buildings or houses. FarmTek carries a number of products that can eliminate these pests. Incorporating fly strips, insect screening or CV-80D Flying Inset Killer can help control these problems. Attract and trap flies with Revenge Fly Catchers. These traps work by attracting flies through scent and bright coloring. Once the flies come into contact with the sticky strip, they become trapped, eliminating their ability to feed or breed to help prevent future infestations.

Jumbo Revenge Fly Catcher

Insect netting is great for barns with open windows or large holes that allow flies and other flying insects, easy access to the building. This transparent, woven mesh is ideal for covering windows, vents and other popular insect access points as it creates a barrier that allows for maximum airflow while keeping even the smallest of flying insects outside. Screening is sold in 13’ wide rolls and eliminates the need to spray costly and undesirable pesticides.

Insect ScreeningInstalled insect screening

For more on the spot fly control, CV-80D Flying Insect Killer is the fast and effective way to handle fly and other flying insect problems. This oil-based spray is safe for use in all environments, making it ideal for use in barns, stables, homes, warehouses and more. Instantly kill any nuisance insects with a simple spray of CV-80D Flying Insect Killer.

CV-80D Flying Insect Killer

For Birds

Birds are a regular sight in the barn, and with birds nesting indoors there is great potential for the spread of disease. Rid your barn of unwelcomed birds and prevent them from coming back with bird netting, bird decoys, bird spikes or ultrasonic controllers. FarmTek offers both lightweight and heavyweight Polyethylene Game Bird Netting, which works best if installed under trusses or eves to prevent birds from flying up into the ceiling to nest. This netting can also be installed over large holes to prevent birds from seeking shelter in existing cavities.

Heavyweight Polyethylene Game Bird NettingInstalled Bird Netting

FarmTek also offers Bird-X Scare Eye and Prowler Owl Decoys, which ward of birds by imitating a dangerous and threatening environment. The Bird-X Scare Eye features waving streamers and weaving motions to simulate a live predator, leading birds to believe that the area is unsafe. The Prowler Owl Decoy works in the same manner. This decoy resembles the most feared aerial predator, the Great Horned Owl. Birds naturally avoid areas where this predator can be found, so existing problems and future problems will be solved naturally.

Bird-X Scare EyeProwler Owl Decoy

For nesting problems, installing Bird-X Barrier Spikes or Stainless Steel Bird Spikes will discourage birds from landing and nesting. These spike strips are long-lasting and can be installed on flat or curved surfaces. Stainless Steel Bird Spikes come in a 24’ kit, while Bird-X Barrier Spikes are sold by the foot, making them ideal for specific problem areas.

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

For more subtle bird control, adding ultrasonic controllers will help drive birds away and keep them away. Choose from the Quadblaster QB-4 Bird Repeller or the BirdXpeller Pro and Super BirdXpeller Pro to keep your barn bird free. The Quadblaster QB-4 Bird Repeller works by sending out sound waves that are undetectable to humans, but highly bothersome to birds, while the BirdXpeller Pro and Super BirdXpeller Pro work by sending out bird distress calls, causing birds to believe there is danger in the immediate area. When the distress calls are picked up, birds will flee the area and head for safety, getting them out of your barn and back out into a more natural habitat.

Quadblaster QB-4 Bird RepellerSuper BirdXpeller Pro

For Foxes, Raccoons and Larger Animals   

Not only can larger animals, such as foxes, weasels and raccoons seek shelter in your barn, they can also use the barn as a hunting ground. Protect your livestock from attacks and the potential spread of disease with electric fencing, natural pest repellent sprays or electronic controllers. FarmTek offers an extensive selection of electric fencing products, including Powerfields Premium Polywire and Polytape, Electro-Web Electric Net Fencing and accessories, including fence chargers and controllers. Keep unwanted pests out of fields and barns by adding a strip of Powerfields Premium Polywire or Polytape to the bottom section of field or stall fencing. This prevents access for smaller rodents while going unnoticed to larger livestock. Electro-Web Electric Fence is ideal for protecting fields, as it creates a net of electric charge which deters raccoons, foxes and other crafty predators that may find a way through other electric fencing systems.

Electro-Web Electric NetElectric fencing on bottom of livestock fence

As a more humane means of warding off these larger pests implementing Liquid Fence All Natural Pest Repellent is an environmentally friendly way to repel deer, rabbit, snakes, moles and more. These sprays are long lasting and rain resistant. Apply these sprays to the area surrounding your barn, garden, walkway and more to help ward off these potentially dangerous animals.

Liquid Fence All Natural Pest Repellents

For these larger pests, electronic controllers are highly effective at keeping pesky animals away from your property. For a harmless and humane way to control these pests, the YardGard Pest Repeller emits ultrasonic sounds that are annoying to pests. These systems can be powered by battery or AC adapter, so they can be mounted anywhere to help solve even the most persistent pest problem.

YardGard Pest Repeller

One other electronic solution is the Nite Guard Solar Predator Protector. This solar-powered unit effectively prevents any nighttime predators and pests through the use of a flashing red light. When animals see this light, they assume that it is the eye of another animal, causing them to feel threatened. This weatherproof unit can be mounted anywhere and are most effective when multiple units are used.

Nite Guard Solar Predator Protector

Just like the pests themselves, pest control comes in many different shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking to prevent nuisance pests, such as flies and mosquitoes, or more threatening ones, such as foxes and raccoons, it is always important to keep your barn as clean and free of pests as possible. If you have any questions on controlling pests in your barn, leave us a comment below.

Clean livestock barn

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