Safely store away winter supplies with ClearSpan

ClearSpan Mini GarageOn the ClearSpan blog we’re constantly highlighting our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings and Hybrid Buildings. These custom buildings offer outstanding benefits and can be made to suit any need, but did you also know that ClearSpan provides a number of smaller structures? These smaller structures are ideal for your winter equipment storage needs, such as storing away vehicles and other miscellaneous equipment. As winter transitions into spring, your winter supplies require a safe storage space, and more often than not, a building as large as a Hercules Truss Arch or Hybrid building is not needed.  So let’s take a look at some of our smaller storage structure solutions.

High Boy Building

ClearSpan High Boy Building

For those with large plow trucks or tall machinery that can’t fit in standard garages, there is our ClearSpan High Boy Buildings. Similar to our Turnkey buildings, these structures come at a standard width, 26’ wide and 20’6” high, and are offered in a number of lengths. They provide plenty of clearance for your trucks, and they are constructed with the same care and attention that ClearSpan has come to be known by. If you’re a winter nomad and tour the country in your RV during the winter months, we’ve also got a storage solution for you. As you head back home up north, consider our North Star or Open Garages. They are an economical option for those looking to store longer vehicles – while still providing plenty of clearance – and they can be mounted on any surface, allowing you to store vehicles out of the way.

ClearSpan Open Garage

ClearSpan Open Garage

ClearSpan Solar Guard Storage Buildings

There are also plenty of structures for cars and standard-sized trucks. Our SolarGuard™ Buildings come in a number of sizes and styles and are ideal for any vehicle or general storage need. SolarGuard Buildings have a white strip that runs down the middle of the roof, which provides natural illumination that makes it easy to work or maneuver throughout the buildings. They are reasonably priced and far superior to the competition. The cover is guaranteed for 15 years, and the frame is triple galvanized for a long life. For even more strength, the frame also has 5’ struts and six purlins, both of which help it stand up to severe weather conditions.

View inside a SolarGuard Storage building

Inside a ClearSpan SolarGuard Storage Building

If you need something smaller, we’ve still got you covered. Our Mini Grab Bag Shelters come as small as 4’ wide by 2’9” high by 6’ long. These smaller sizes make them great for covering plows or snow mobiles during the winter months, and during the summer they can also be used to provide dogs and other pets and animals refuge from the sweltering sun.

All of these structures can be quickly built, allowing you to get a quick storage solution, and are far more economical than their traditional metal or wood counterparts.

No matter what your structural need is, there’s a ClearSpan structure for you. As it becomes time to store away your valuable winter equipment, don’t let it clutter your garage or leave it vulnerable to winter storms and excessive heat. Whether you have a smaller-sized plow that you plan on taking off your truck or a home on wheels, ClearSpan will keep you covered.

ClearSpan Mini Garage

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