ClearSpan Announces Newest Building Design

ClearSpan Hybrid Building

In keeping with the growing demand and nearly countless applications for our ClearSpan Fabric Structures, we have added a new structure to our line of HD Building solutions.

Our Hybrid Buildings now offer the option of steel or fabric side walls with the proven durability of a Hercules Truss Arch Building. Buildings are available up to 160’W for any application and feature our industry leading 20 year warranty on the cover and 50 year warranty on the frame.

Since there are no internal support posts, the building allows for maximum usable space. The fabric cover is available in several colors, and its permeable properties make it extremely energy efficient. The polyethylene cover allows the transmission of abundant natural light, significantly cutting costs that would otherwise be needed for supplemental lighting.

Inside the Hybrid Building

All of our ClearSpan HD Buildings start at 25’ W and cost as little as $2.99 per square foot. End panels and accessories are also available, but are sold separately. “We’re always trying to provide the best product, while still keeping costs down,” ClearSpan President and C.E.O., Barry Goldsher, said.

For more information, please visit our website, or call 1.866.643.1010 to speak to a knowledgeable Truss Arch Specialist.

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