A Solution for All – ClearSpan’s Non-Engineered Buildings

ClearSpan Non-Engineered StructuresOur buildings can be used for any number of reasons. No matter how large or small a project may be, we here at ClearSpan Fabric Structures have a solution for any type of building need. Each week on our blog, we discuss the various ways in which we can custom engineer our buildings to suit your exact needs. However, to best suit all of our customers, we also offer a number of non-engineered buildings, which are built with the same high quality and durability found in our custom engineered structures, but come in preset sizes and styles. For those that are looking for our fabric structures in a smaller size or have a very specific use for our structure, we offer a wide selection of buildings through our affiliate companies that can be shipped extremely quickly and come at a highly affordable price.

Engineered vs. Non-Engineered

Don’t let the terms confuse you. Our non-engineered buildings are still built to standards set by our design team, and we can customize them if you desire. However, for those that are looking for something simple and straight forward, our non-engineered buildings are exactly what you’ve been looking for. The major difference between non-engineered buildings and custom engineered buildings is the frame. Our non-engineered buildings feature a single cord frame, while our Hercules Truss Arch buildings feature a truss frame. Single cord frames contain one of our 14 gauge, triple-galvanized steel frame tubes, making them less expensive, easier to install and therefore ideal for temporary use. However, our custom engineered buildings feature a truss frame, which contains two triple-galvanized steel tubes that are connected to one another by weaving steel tubing in between them, creating a “W” type pattern. Our truss frames are stronger, designed to meet local municipal wind and snow loads and can be built to much greater heights and widths. Our single cord frames are only capable of reaching widths up to 42 feet. Some customers may find that they are unable to use a non-engineered building due to their local wind and snow loads, but safety and reliability are our biggest concerns, and if a single cord building is not going last in your area, we will work with you to design a custom engineered structure that will.

Non-engineered options

While our structures can be used for any number of reasons, we have pre-designed our non-engineered buildings to perfectly suit a variety of different uses. From livestock housing to compost storage and more, our non-engineered buildings are designed for easy installation and instant success. Our line of non-engineered structures includes:

Garage and Vehicle Storage Buildings – These building options range from our ClearSpan Mini Garage, typically used for storing lawn mowers and other small yard equipment, to our Solarguard Round Style Storage Master Buildings, which can be used for storing RVs, boats, cars motorcycles and more. We have even gone so far as to offer a ClearSpan Boat House, which can be installed in just a matter of hours and adds an unmatched level of protection to your boat while it sits at the dock.

ClearSpan Storage ShedClearSpan Boat House

Hay Storage Buildings – We have custom engineered numerous hay storage buildings in our time, but we also carry a wide line of non-engineered hay storage buildings, which are designed to keep hay dry and properly ventilated to reduce hay loss. These buildings can mount directly into the ground, on poured concrete, concrete blocks or on wood posts. The round-style frame and natural light prevent pests from being able to find shelter in your structure, reducing the risk of disease and making your storage space safe.

ClearSpan Hay Storage

General Storage – There are a number of different options for our non-engineered storage buildings. Perhaps the most versatile are our Freestanding buildings, which can be used to store tractors, hay, sand and salt, vehicles, construction equipment and much more. These buildings are available up to 42 feet wide, offer an option to add end walls, mount directly into the ground and can be installed virtually anywhere.

ClearSpan Freestanding Buildings

Our Pony Wall buildings are another excellent option for those looking for general storage space. These buildings are mounted on a concrete or wood foundation rather than mounting directly in ground. Pony Wall buildings provide additional height and give extra durability to the foundation. Often times customers looking for livestock housing choose a Pony Wall building, as it ensures a clean and safe environment for animals.

ClearSpan Pony Wall BuildingClearSpan Pony Wall Building

Livestock Housing – We offer a number of livestock housing structures, such as our Beef MasterTM Systems and our Colossal Chick-Inn Hutch. We have worked alongside our affiliate company FarmTek, to design a line of cattle housing that suits any farmer’s needs. Our Super Moo-TelTM Livestock Housing and Economy Moo-Tel structures are designed to provide the ideal environment for cattle. With proper airflow, natural lighting, maximum usable space and the ability to easily winterize, these non-engineered structures have become a best seller among cattle owners. Our poultry housing options are also designed with the needs of poultry farmers in mind. With pastured and coop-style options available, you can give your birds high-quality housing with the environment of your choosing. As we mentioned, our Freestanding and Pony Wall buildings also make an excellent choice for housing all types of livestock, including cattle, alpaca, horses, pigs and more.

Moo-TelBeef Master

Aircraft Hangers – Our non-engineered building line even includes aircraft hangers in numerous sizes ranging from 30 feet to 42 feet wide. These hangers come with easy entrance end walls on both sides, including a single zipper entryway for the back and a multi-zippered entry way for the front. With up to 14 feet of clearance, these structures are ideal for those looking to reduce the cost of renting space at conventional airfields or airports. These structures can be installed directly into the ground and require minimal site work, so the construction of your hanger is as easy as buying and installing.

ClearSpan Aircraft Shelter

We offer hundreds of non-engineered buildings through our affiliate companies, FarmTek, Growers Supply and TekSupply, all of which can be customized if needed. No matter what the need, we here at ClearSpan Fabric Structures have a building solution for you.  With our non-engineered and custom engineered buildings, 1.866.643.1010 is the only number you’ll need for all of your structural desires.

ClearSpan Non-engineered structures

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