The ClearSpan Milestones – Part II

ClearSpan MilestonesSince first sharing some of our historic milestones back in February, we have been experiencing continued growth and have once again reached some noteworthy achievements. With buildings both near and far, our latest set of milestones have taken us from the Northeast, to the Southwest and even onto foreign soil. No matter how big or small our buildings may be, all of our recent achievements have been huge, and we just can’t wait any longer to share them with you!

Building #25 in NevadaFirst on our list is building number 25 for the state of Nevada. This 73’ wide by 240’ long building is used for equipment storage and is located in the city of Winnemucca, which is nestled near the northwestern corner of the state. It’s a long drive to get to the bright lights of Las Vegas from this structure, but the 16 120 V High Bay lights installed in this building combined with the natural lighting during the day help it shine bright day or night within the Silver State. This Hercules Truss Arch Building is enclosed by end walls on both ends, and features three 18’ wide by 18’ high Coil Sheet Doors that allow for easy access.

Building #50 in TexasOur next building is just a hop, skip and a jump from our Nevada structure. Located in San Antonio, Texas, this 100’ wide by 210’ long structure fits the old saying, “everything’s bigger in Texas.” Our 50th building in The Lone Star State came about when Triton Stone Group realized they needed additional working and storage space, and they needed it fast. They came to us with an opportunity to prove ourselves as a ready-for-anything company, and we kept up with their requests right through the very end. This building features our white, rip-stop polyethylene fabric with blue end walls, which give the building additional visual appeal. Triton Stone Group also wanted a custom-designed sign to go along with their building, and we obliged.

Building # 50 in MichiganOur next building is located right along the great Lake Michigan, and it is our 50th building located within Michigan’s boarders. ClearSpan’s 50th Michiganite is located in the city of Charlevoix, and is used to house shredded plastics that were formerly left outside, exposed to the long, harsh Michigan winters. This is our round-style building that is built in a pony-wall style, meaning that the frame sits on large, concrete blocks, as opposed to being set directly in the ground. A quick-to-install, simple storage solution is what our customer desired, and this 54’ wide by 75’ long building was the ideal candidate.

50th International building Our fabric structures have become popular throughout the United States, and our name is beginning to spread to international locations as well. We are proud to announce that we have now installed our 50th building internationally, which can be found in Tomakomai, Japan. Our buildings can be seen internationally from Mexico to Sweden, but one of our leading international building locations is Japan. With 12 of our buildings in a country of approximately 146,000 square miles, our fabric structures are making quite an impact. This structure is a whopping 100’ wide by 550’ long, and it serves as an agricultural composting facility. Creating a building that combines livestock housing and compost storage space was no easy feat, but our design team was able to work this building up in no time, and our 50th international building is a real treat for those who see it.

Building #75 in IowaOne of our bigger achievements this year has been installing our 75th building out in Iowa. We are excited about this particular achievement, because it puts us very close to having yet another state with 100-plus buildings! This pony wall building measures 73’ wide by 100’ long, but don’t let the size fool you, this building serves many different purposes. This building has a round-style cover that not only provides shelter for alpacas, but is also used for hay and equipment storage. The end walls feature two 16’ wide by 16’ high doors on both ends, and the concrete block foundation stands at 4’ high.

Building # 100 in Pennsylvania The final building on our list is number 100 for Pennsylvania, making it the most recent state to reach triple digits for ClearSpan Fabric Structures. Pennsylvania’s 100th ClearSpan building is a simple structure, but that’s all right, because functionality and reliability are our main concerns. We are capable of installing buildings that turn heads, but often times a customer simply needs a roof over their heads rather than the Taj Mahal. This 100’ wide by 100’ long Hercules Truss Arch Building is mounted on poured cement blocks and has no end walls, which is our structure in its most basic form. This structure is used for storing synthetic gypsum in Stockertown, Pa, which is why the open end walls and high ceiling were a smart decision for this particular structure.

In the past year alone, our buildings have taken us from coast to coast, as well as several international locations. Whether you’re looking for a structure that’s big or small, simple or complex, we can provide all types of building solutions. We are looking forward to what the future holds for us, and we can’t wait until we can update you again with our latest series of milestone projects.

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