Photo Blog: ClearSpan’s Newest Building Design and Farming at FarmTek!

ClearSpan Hybrid BuildingWhen many think of a ClearSpan Fabric Structure, the first thing that comes to mind is our buildings distinct profile. While we proudly embrace our rich history, we are currently taking a step towards the future with our newest hybrid building profile. We have been working on installing our first building of this new style at our affiliate company FarmTek, and we want you to see for yourself what the future of ClearSpan Fabric Structures looks like.

This new building features a straight, pitched roof, steel sidewalls and an optional roof overhang. This building style is far different from anything we have designed previously, but rest assured it is still built with our long-lasting reliability. Our prototype building, installed on our Dyersville, Iowa campus measures 75’ wide by 160’ long, but these buildings are capable of being built up to 160 feet wide.

Hybrid Building in IA

Our prototype building is covered with our rip-stop polyethylene cover, and features steel side walls that are 14 feet high, but the sidewalls can be built up to 20 feet high if desired. The building’s covering is completely customizable, so you can choose to cover your structure entirely in fabric, steel or any combination of the two.

Side walls and covering

This hybrid structure also features a new plexiglass window, which spans along the front and back end walls of the building. This increases the natural lighting within the building and adds a look of sophistication to the structure overall.

Plexi glass sections located on each end wall for added lighting

Plexi glass sections located on each end wall for added lighting

Aside from the non-arched frame, perhaps the most notable difference in this building is its optional roof overhang. For FarmTek’s prototype, we have included a 3-foot overhang on the sides, and a 12-inch overhang on each end. When designing your building, you will be able to customize the size of overhang so that it suites you best.

Roof overhangRoof overhang

But wait, there’s more!

Along with our hybrid building, we are also installing two more buildings for our affiliate company FarmTek, which will be used for housing livestock. These buildings are made using our classic round-style frame, and each building sits at 45 feet wide.

livestock buildings

The first building is for cattle, which features an overhead door at one entrance and has 5-foot, roll-up curtains on each side of the structure. This is a pony wall building, sitting atop a 5-foot high concrete wall, and is expected to house approximately 15 head of cattle.

Cattle Building

The second livestock building will be used for hog housing. This building is designed exactly like the cattle building, except it is 12 feet longer and the sidewalls aren’t roll-up curtain. The additional length was added to include a “customer viewing” area, where customers will be able to see the hogs while they feed on a steady diet of hydroponic fodder.

Hog building

As you can see, we have been keeping ourselves busy lately. Between customer installations all across the country, to company installs right in our own back yard, we hardly have any down time, and WE LOVE IT! We’re very excited about our newest building design, and we can’t wait to see how these new improvements help you!

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