Customer Spotlight: The Dublin Highway Department and their sand and salt storage solution

Sand and salt storage

Welcome to Dublin, NHSand and salt are crucial for all municipalities located in snowy areas. When preparing for winter, municipalities stockpile sand and salt, and keep it in a storage shed until needed.
Thankfully, even though it seems to take forever, the winter season in most locations doesn’t last long, and once it’s over, most of the stored sand and salt has been used, which leaves the building unused until next season. This means that when selecting a storage space for sand and salt, it only makes sense to select a building that can be used for something else during the other three seasons of the year. The town of Dublin, New Hampshire’s Highway Department requires a large amount of sand and salt to keep their roads safe during winter, but their existing structure was too small and they were facing a storage dilemma. Manager Brian Barden decided to make the move to a ClearSpan Fabric Structure, and the advantages of the upgrade have been extremely noticeable.

Due to the small size of their building, some sand piles had to be left outside during the cold New England winters. Barden stated, “We simply outgrew the pole barn and needed a bigger structure.” He explained that what they really wanted was not just something bigger, but a structure that was better overall; a building that would accommodate several needs at once.  Barden continued, “I was looking for a durable, easy-to-maintain building. Something that had greater height than the pole barn and was built to last.” He knew he had found the building he was looking for when he started working with ClearSpan Fabric Structures.

Sand and sale storage

According to Barden, the town’s highway department puts down mostly sand during winter storms, and on occasion, a sand-salt mix. With frequent snow storms and the ever-present threat of icy roads, the Dublin Highway Department crew can regularly be found by their sand and salt shed during the winter months. The town’s reliance on these materials made Barden realize that he needed to upgrade their storage facility. Barden stated, “I wanted to make things easier for our employees in the winter months. We work a lot of hours during bad weather, so we wanted a building that the crew could pull right into to make loading the trucks easier and faster.” He continued, “We also wanted to use this structure for not only sand and salt storage during winter, but also to store equipment in during the summer.” To meet their needs, Barden chose a 45’wide by 90’long Hercules Truss Arch Building, which was mounted on concrete blocks for additional height.

Dublin, NH sand storageBarden and his crew are still very pleased with the structure. He stated “ClearSpan was the right choice for us, it’s convenient and offers plenty of room.” Barden also enjoys that the snow slides right off the roof, as this prevents crew members from spending time clearing it off, which gives them the opportunity to complete more important work. “We’re very happy with our ClearSpan building,” said Barden, “In fact, if I had to do it over again, I would make it even bigger by adding another 10 or 20 feet.”

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