Memorable Construction Stories from ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Construction in Castleton, VaOur fabric structures are designed and built to withstand the toughest wind, rain and snow conditions there are, and by no means has this been an easy feat to accomplish. Thanks to our top of the line Truss Arch team, we have installed our fabric structures all across the United States and in many international locations as well. From concept to design, engineering to construction and even financing, we handle your entire building in house, which eliminates third-party miscommunication throughout the process and ensures that you have the highest-quality product.

Snow constructionWhile all members of our Truss Arch team play an important role in the process of creating your building, our construction teams are one of our most important pieces. Without these talented crew members, our buildings could only exist on a piece of paper, and while the paper drawings are attractive, anyone who owns a ClearSpan Fabric Structure will tell you, you haven’t seen anything until the building is installed.Texas install Our construction teams have installed buildings all over the world, and with high demand, they have worked through some tough conditions. From installing buildings in Minnesota and North Dakota during blizzards and icy conditions, to installing buildings with a short deadline down in the Arizona heat, our construction crews have had some very memorable builds. Today’s feature comes from Mike Fangman, who kindly shared one of the most unforgettable construction jobs that he has ever been a part of.

Mike was part of the crew that installed the Castleton Music Festival Building located in Castelton, Va. This two-piece building consists of a 72’ wide by 56’ long round-style frame and 100’ wide by 170’ long gable-style frame. This building hosts a classical music fest each year. “What really made this a tough install was that we had a very tight deadline to hit, so we were working long hours the whole time” says Fangman. He elaborates, “Most days were 6 A.M. to 10 P.M., but on a few nights we worked even later.”

Working alongside Castleton crewWorking with Castleton crew

Moderate amounts of inclement weather will not halt our installation process, and often times that is the largest inconvenience for our construction teams. However, Fangman recalls that there were also many site-specific challenges to overcome during this particular installation. “The temperatures were in the 90s, and we were installing insulation, so that made for a tough work environment. On top of that, we were also working around the event staff as they were setting up for the concerts and plays, so we needed to use extra caution and ensure that we kept a safe work environment,” he states. Between the scorching temperatures and added caution, work was being completed slower than desired, and the tight deadline was becoming a worry.

100 x 153  in Castleton, VAWhile things may have come down to the wire, the Castleton project was completed on time, and the Castleton Music Festival went on as planned that year, and has continued to take place in the two-piece fabric structure ever since. Fangman stated, “Even with the factors that were slowing us down, everything fell into place and we met our deadline. I think it’s one of the best looking buildings in that area.”

When we send out a construction team, they are dedicated to getting the job done right and on schedule. No matter what the conditions may be, our construction crews will do everything they can to get your building up by the time that you need it. Here at ClearSpan, not only can our buildings withstand rain, wind and snow, but our construction workers can too.

construction team

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