Build YOUR Building – ClearSpan Style

Tension Fabric StructuresAt ClearSpan, we’re all about building your building. We’ve taken the most ambitious and unique concepts and delighted customers with masterpieces of engineering and construction. Our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings lead the way in dozens of industries from oil and gas to equine riding arenas and everything in between. With so many styles, sizes and custom options, we have a building solution for any need. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we challenge you to challenge us, and we’ll make it happen.

We’ve built our reputation on exceeding customer expectations. Whether it’s beating a tight deadline or engineering something new and innovative, we’re always ready to rise to the occasion and build your building – ClearSpan style.

Starting with the frame
Our frames, also called trusses, are made in the USA with the highest-quality, triple-galvanized structural steel tubing. We can build structures as small as 20’W or as large as 300’W and to any length. Our trusses can be engineered to withstand any wind or snow load and hold up strong in corrosive environments.

Our triple-galvanization process provides long-lasting rust and corrosion protection. Both the inside and outside of the tubing is protected with a smooth and consistent zinc coating that won’t chip or flake. We stand behind our steel with an unmatched 50 year warranty, because we know our product is superior and built to last, even with heavy-duty use.

Frame profile

Our fabric structures offer dozens of options and unique designs that are customized for your needs. Unlike rigid frame structures, which are just that – rigid. Hercules Truss Arch Buildings can take on a wide variety of shapes, including round and gable style, as well as A-frame and more. Below is just a small sample of some of the profiles we offer. For a complete gallery, visit our website.
A-Frame Fabric StructureGable Style Fabric Structure

Round Style StructureGable Building


Round Roof BuildingClearSpan Building Profile

Fabric cover

The rugged, rip-stop polyethylene fabric of our covers uses a patented double-stacked scrim weave that is lightweight and impressively strong. The scrim is produced in a special weaving pattern to enhance thickness, flatness and abrasion and tear resistance. When stretched over the smooth and uniform finish of our steel frames, the fabric won’t move or chafe. With built-in UV inhibitors, the fabric is weather resistant and prevents snow and ice build up. Like our frames, we are also confident in the quality of our fabric covers. That’s why we offer a 20-year warranty.

Available in a variety of colors and with trim and custom printing options, our structures offer a level of customization that most others do not. We can brand your building with your business name, logo or image printed directly onto the cover, providing a beautiful and professional appearance.

Custom options

From doors, entryways, breezeways and conveyors to foundations, ventilation and internal divisions, your imagination is the limit on the customization we can offer.

Helical Anchor FoundationFoundation: We can accommodate a large variety of surfaces as long as they are level and graded for proper drainage. Build your building on pavement, concrete, wood, recycled shipping containers, gravel or directly into the ground. Our heavy-duty mounting feet can accommodate blocks, piers, walls or ground anchors.

Large DoorsDoors: We can install as many doors as you need in a wide variety of sizes and on any side of the building.

Climate Control: We’re experts in providing a comfortable and enjoyable environment. Hercules Truss Arch Buildings naturally offer cooler temperatures in the summer and warmer temperatures in the winter, but we also offer a huge selection of equipment to help create the ideal environment, including ventilation equipment, ceiling and circulation fans, heating systems and more.

Natural Light BuildingsLighting: One of the key benefits of a fabric structure is the natural daytime lighting. Hercules Truss Arch Buildings offer not only a bright and illuminated interior, but reduced energy costs. Little if any daytime lighting is needed, even on cloudy days. Also due to the reflective properties of the fabric cover, you will need significantly less light fixtures to achieve the same level of brightness.

Conveyor SystemInternal divisions: If you’re looking to divide your structure into separated workspace we can help with that as well. Whether it’s installing a structure over pre-existing concrete bunkers, providing room dividers, accommodating space for an internal mezzanine or separating livestock, we can help you design a space for maximum efficiency.

Conveyors: Especially helpful for commodities, a conveyor system can easily be incorporated into the design of your structure.

No matter what your building challenge is, ClearSpan will provide a solution. Our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are versatile and can be designed, engineered, manufactured and installed in a matter of weeks, all for a low cost per square foot. We even offer outstanding in-house financing to help you purchase your structure, with terms up to 7 years, rates as low as 0%, as little as $0 money down and deferred payments for up to a year.* Let us help you build your building. Give us a call for a quote today.



*Restrictions apply. Subject to credit approval.


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