ClearSpan’s Guess the Application Answers

Indoor swimming poolExcited to find out how you did on our recent Guess the Application blog? Well, we’re ready to reveal the answers!

We would like to thank all of those who participated in our interactive game, and whether you posted your answers or not, the world will now know what the five buildings featured in our blog last week are used for. If you haven’t had a chance to read the guessing blog yet, or if you just want to refresh your memory, you can read our Guess the Application blog before viewing the answers below.

The uses:

First up is the 65’W by 120’L building that is located in St. Charles, Iowa. This building not only provides an ideal horse training and indoor riding facility, but also provided a perfect way to warm up those thinking caps.  If you haven’t already guessed it, our “take the reigns” building is used as an indoor riding and training arena.

65 x 120 Indoor Riding Arena

Take the reigns = Indoor Riding & Training Arena

The next building on our list is especially relevant right now thanks to the fast approaching Halloween. This 100’W by 225’L Hercules Truss Arch Building is used to contain the nationally recognized haunted house known as Bennett’s Curse, located in Jessup, Maryland. Bennett’s Curse has been voted one of the “Top 13 Haunted Houses in America” by, and we here at ClearSpan were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to build a structure for this impressive company.

100 x 225 Haunted House

Zoinks Scoob! = Haunted House

Our next building takes us to the Great North Woods; Vancouver, British Columbia to be exact. This massive 250’W by 240’L Hercules Truss Arch Building certainly takes up a lot of space, but the usable space inside is what really grabs attention. Fibreco has been supplying wood chips to the pulp and paper industry since 1977. When wood pellets began to gain popularity as a biomass fuel, Fibreco saw an opportunity. In 2005 they entered the wood pellet industry and quickly discovered that they needed a place to store their product that had ample space and would remain dry year round. They chose one of our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings to handle this task, and we think the wood pellets couldn’t be any happier.

250 x 240 Wood Pellet Storage Facility

One big beaver = Wood Pellet Storage

The fourth structure on our list presented double trouble for other building companies, but when we were asked to design these structures it was music to our ears. The 72’W by 56’L and 100’W by 170’L buildings located in Castleton, Virginia serve two different purposes, but both reasons are directly related. The larger of the two structures is used as a music theater which seats approximately five hundred people, while the smaller structure serves as the Castleton Café and special VIP area. The combination of these two buildings makes up the Castleton Music Festival where guests can come and enjoy the soothing sounds of classical music, while also being wined and dined in a comfortable, climate controlled environment.

100 x 153 Music Theater

Elvis has left the building = Music Theater

Our final building may be small, but don’t let the size fool you, this building serves a very important purpose. Located in Mojave, California this 60’W by 50’L Hercules Truss Arch Building is owned by Commodity Resource & Environmental, Inc. (CRE) and it is used as a secure document destruction facility. CRE first hatched the idea of a document destruction facility in 1996 when the passing of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regulated them to provide a document destruction service for their line of work, silver recovery and refining catered towards the medical industry. Having to provide secure document destruction for themselves, CRE developed the idea to provide this offering to other industries, and the need for their custom built facility was created.

60 x 50 Secure Document Destruction Facility

Can you keep a secret? = Secure Document Destruction Facility

There you have it folks, five of the most interesting and mysterious uses of our ClearSpan Fabric Structures. We hope you enjoyed learning more about how our structures are used and we certainly hope you enjoyed playing along!

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