ClearSpan Fabric Structures? More like ClearSpan Fun Structures!

Indoor Soccer Field by ClearSpanClearSpan provides design-build solutions for any application, and with all the success we’ve found constructing storage and industrial buildings, it’s easy to overlook all of the custom fabric structures we’ve built to ensure people of all ages have fun. That’s right, ClearSpan isn’t just for those looking for a manufacturing space or a municipal building to protect sand and salt, we’re also for those looking to ensure skateboarders have a place to shred, athletes can train year-round and vacationers can take in a concert or special event. We want our customers to enjoy their fabric structure, so let’s take a look at some of our buildings that are dedicated to having a good time.

Private Skate Facility, LLC

Private Skate, LLC

The rain can be depressing and cancel any outdoor plans that you have, but for skateboarders it can also present a significant safety risk. Seattle, Wash. is stricken with rain and wet conditions, but ClearSpan covered the largest vert ramp in the Northwest, providing skaters in this region with a safe, dry ramp.

Private Skate, LLCPrivate Skate Facility, LLC needed a dry environment for 25 of the region’s top skateboarders to practice, and they had to find a company that could work alongside the builders that would be constructing the ramp. After researching building manufacturers, they became disillusioned by their inability to get an accurate quote and having to meet with sketchy salesmen, but that ended once they began working with ClearSpan.

We were not only able to provide the quote and information that Private Skate Facility LLC needed, but we were also able to incorporate their ramp into the structure. Once the walls of the ramp were finished, we used them as pony walls and erected a 55’ wide by 60’ long Hercules Truss Arch Building as construction on the rest of the ramp was completed. These skaters now enjoy a ramp that they know can be used day in and day out, and the ambient light has not only limited lighting costs, but has also given skaters the feeling of being outside. The structure has withstood the Pacific Northwest’s worst weather, and Private Skate Facility, LLC couldn’t be happier.

Total Athlete Indoor Training

Total Athlete Indoor Training

Athletes everywhere countdown the hours before they can leave school or work to go to practice or train. If weather compromises these plans, the day can be pretty much ruined, but ClearSpan is saving the day for athletes in Triadelphia, W. Va.

Three athletes, including a national kickboxing champion, wanted to provide an indoor training center to share their knowledge and expertise with the community, as well as provide a space that could be used for athletics no matter what was going on outside. They knew they needed a building that provided plenty of space and height, and since ClearSpan builds custom structures without the use of support posts, choosing which company to go with was easy.

Total Athlete Indoor TrainingTotal Athlete Indoor Training

At this location we built a 72’ wide by 220’ long Hercules Truss Arch Building, and the trainers at Total Athlete Indoor Training have been getting all they can out of the space. The Triadelphia community can now enjoy an indoor athletics building that features a 60’ wide by 80’ long multi-surface area, a 72’ wide by 90’ long artificial turf area, a 2,000 square foot weight room, a basketball court, batting cages and more. ClearSpan isn’t just promoting the athletic prowess of this community, but also ensuring that these athletes can countdown the hours before training or practice every day.

M Resort Spa Casino

M Resort Spa Casino

For adults all over the globe nothing screams fun like Las Vegas. With endless casinos, restaurants and entertainment opportunities, people flock to Las Vegas, no matter the season, to forget their troubles and let loose, and ClearSpan wants to make sure these vacationers have as much fun as possible.

The M Resort Spa Casino, which features a 390 room hotel and a 100,000 square foot outdoor events piazza, wanted to make sure that their guests could have as much fun as possible, so they needed an indoor space to hold concerts, boxing matches, banquets and expos, as well as large conferences and meetings. ClearSpan was able to provide just the solution they were looking for.

The M Pavilion, a 120’ wide by 210’ long Hercules Truss Arch Building, opened in December of 2011, and the M Resort Spa Casino can now hold any concert, activity or meeting, no matter the weather. The 25,000 square foot building includes a custom interior liner and insulation to ensure guests and performers are comfortable and protected from the Las Vegas heat. The resort also needed a covered walkway so that guests could get from the casino to the pavilion without dealing with the weather. We were able to fashion a 19’ wide by 64’ long breezeway to get guests from one building to the other. For many, Vegas is the pinnacle of fun, and ClearSpan has helped guests at the M Resort Spa Casino maximize their good time.

M Resort Spa CasinoM Resort Spa and Casino

Sure, ClearSpan makes the finest buildings for storage and industrial applications, but our fabric structures are ideal for any application. Some of the buildings were most proud of are buildings that are used for fun. Whether it’s a building for recess, training or entertainment, we want our customers to enjoy their ClearSpan fabric structure, and our potential applications are only limited by your imagination.

Indoor Tennis Court

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