Step Right Up! Guess the Application and Win a Prize!

Guess the application of ClearSpan Fabric StructuresWe enjoy the versatility of our buildings just as much as our customers. In fact, we get excited when customers call us with new applications that we have never done before.  Designing a one of a kind structure is what appeals most to our building engineers, so when you have a building design that needs to go from imagination to creation, be sure to give us a call, we enjoy the challenge.

Many of you may be aware that we have previously run some “Guess the Application” blogs, where we featured a picture of one of our most uniquely designed or used buildings with a small write up and answers included at the end of the blog. We wanted to contribute another “Guess the Application” blog, but this time we wanted to make it a little more interactive….

This blog will contain photos of some of our buildings that have a very interesting application, along with a brief description of the building and a hint that is disguised as a keyword phrase. You can guess what each building is used for by visiting our Twitter or Facebook page and posting the keyword hint of each building followed by what you think the building is used for. Whoever submits the most correct answers by September 4, 2014 will win a special gift bag courtesy of us here at ClearSpan Fabric Structures! Pay close attention to our hints, these buildings alone are certainly worth seeing, but what they are used for is one of the most interesting parts.

Let the game begin..

We will start this list off with something relatively easy. The first building on our list provides safety and consistency for a one of a kind business located in St. Charles, Iowa. So what is it that goes on inside the walls of this 65’W by 120’L Truss Arch Building?

65 x 120 St. Charles, Iowa

Keyword phrase: Take the reigns

Now that you’ve got your thinking cap on, it’s time to increase the difficulty a little. Our next building is a 100’W by 225’L Hercules Truss Arch that can be seen in Jessup, Maryland. However, if you choose to visit, it’s the things that you don’t see coming that will really take your breath away.

100 x 225 Joppa, Maryland

Keyword phrase: Zoinks Scoob!

The next building on our list sits in Canada, just a stones’ throw away from the Pacific Ocean. This 250’W by 240’L Hercules Truss Arch Building located in Vancouver, British Columbia is engineered with massive size, and the amount of usable space inside the building has proved to be of high importance. But what is this building used for?

250 x 240 Vancouver, British Columbia

Keyword phrase: One big beaver

Our next building has two parts, but don’t worry, only one guess is required. For this building application, we designed a 72’W by 56’L Round Style frame that connected to a 100’W by 170’W Gable Style frame. These two buildings are used for one related reason, but what could that reason be?

100 x 153 Virginia

Keyword phrase: Elvis has left the building

Our last building may be the smallest in size on this list, but the work that’s done inside is very important. Built at just 60’W by 50’L, this Hercules Truss Arch Building can be seen out in Mojave, California, but don’t expect to pick up a souvenir during your visit, there is certainly no gift shop here.

60 x 50 Mojave, California

Keyword phrase: Can you keep a secret?

Think you know what these buildings are used for? Be sure to leave your guesses by stopping by our Facebook or Twitter page. One lucky winner will be chosen on Friday September 5, and that winner will be notified by either a tweet, or a comment on their post! All answers will be posted on Monday September 8, so be sure to check in and see how well you did. Feel free to guess away, and good luck!


  1. Okay 😀 I’ll give this a try… #1 St Charles, Iowa = Horse training (as in Show) & Hay Storage #2 Joppa , Maryland = Athletic & Recreation Building & Eqipment Storage #3 Vancouver, British Columbia = Stores excess Wood pellets commonly used for heat and energy as a form of biomass fuel #4 In Tenn.= Indoor riding & rodeo arena #5 Mojave, Cali. is a Secure document destruction facility AND Silver RECOVERY building ….. That’s my Guess! 😉 …………. ps Just ❤ adore & Love ❤ your building at Service Dog Project I watch & "See" it everyday via 😀

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