Frequently Asked Questions on our ClearSpan Fabric Structures

ClearSpan Fabric StructuresInterested in a ClearSpan Fabric Structure, but have some unanswered questions about them? We want to help instill confidence in our buildings, so we’ve collected and answered some of our most commonly asked questions in order to help you better understand our product.

The Building Basics

1. How much do the buildings cost?

The exact price of a ClearSpan building will vary due to factors, like its size, the engineering requirements and materials needed to withstand your local wind- and snow-loads and any customizable options that you may choose, such as end walls, doors and more. We do offer two Turnkey Buildings, a 65’W and a 73’W, with the 65’W starting as low as $43,950. Speaking with one of our Truss Arch Specialists is the best way to determine how much a building will cost you.

2. Do the buildings only come in prefabricated sizes or can they be custom built?

We are able to custom build our fabric structures to meet any size length necessary, but width must be under 300′ total. No matter how large or small a structure you may need, we can build to your exact specifications. In fact, we have built a 100’W x 780’L Hercules Truss Arch Building, which is the home to our building manufacturing and engineering teams. To say that we stand by our work is an understatement, because here at ClearSpan Fabric Structures, we actually stand under our work when we’re at work.

ClearSpan Manufacturing Building

3. How long does the manufacturing and installation take?

We can typically produce a fabric structure in three weeks, and that structure can then be installed in approximately three to five days. Adding more customizable options can increase the manufacturing and installation times, but in general, the wait time is four weeks for your ClearSpan Fabric Structure to be fully installed and ready for use. We also have a ClearSpan building crew that can complete the installation for you. This is added onto your order and the rates will vary based on installation time and location.

4. How can I pay for my building?

We offer a special in-house financing program that helps make our structures extremely affordable. Be sure to ask about our 7 year, zero money down, no interest and no payments for 1 year financing program.*

55 x 70  in Nashville, TN

Caring for Your Building

 1. Do I need to do anything in preparation for the buildings installation?

The only part of the installation process that we do not handle is site excavation. You will need to either make arrangements with a contractor or excavate on your own. We generally construct these buildings above grade to help ensure proper drainage, and based upon the style of your building and the manner in which it will be anchored, we can offer additional advice for the site prep.

ClearSpan Construction Team

2. What sort of maintenance is involved?

Our buildings are very low maintenance. The only maintenance required is tightening the ratchets that hold the cover. This is only necessary two or three times per year, and as long as your ratchets are kept tight, your building will be in excellent shape.

3. Should I install heat for the winter and fans for the summer?

Our buildings tend to stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, but in some cases it may be a good idea to add heating units or fans. The buildings stay warmer in the winter, because they eliminate the wind factor and naturally prevent cold air from entering. However, if heating is necessary we recommend propane or natural gas powered infrared heaters. We recommend infrared heaters, because they heat objects rather than the air. Due to our structures size, there is a large volume of air that would require heat, so we do not recommend trying to heat the air within the building, but rather heating the objects, which will then give off their own heat.

Keep Warmer in the Winter with ClearSpanVentilation with ClearSpan

The same is true for fans during the summer months. We have installed many fans within our buildings, but it is not a necessity. Many customers have found that opening the doors and allowing a draft to run through has helped cool off their structure. Our buildings can also be installed with a sidewall curtain system for added ventilation. However, if you are looking to add a fan package to your building, we suggest using ceiling fans, because they help circulate the air, which cools the building down. Both heating units and fans can be purchased through our affiliate companies FarmTek or TekSupply.

4. What should I do if the cover is damaged?

Our covers come with a 20 year warranty, but their expected life span is much greater than that. If anything does happen to your cover however, you can give us a call at 1.866.643.1010, and we can assist you in getting a replacement or provide you with a solution to your problem. If you experience a tear in the cover, we offer patch kits that will mend the hole. Our coverings are also made of a special rip-stop polyethylene, so if a small tear does occur, it will not keep ripping and become a larger hole.

The 1,000 Uses

1. What are the buildings most commonly used for?

Our ClearSpan Buildings have rightfully been called “the Building of a 1,000 Uses”, and they have earned that name due to their customizable features and sturdy, reliable build. Offered at a lower price and having a longer lifespan than traditional wood or metal buildings, our fabric structures have been used as livestock housing, hay storage, equine riding arenas, vehicle storage, recreational facilities and more. We have found that one of our most popular uses has been salt storage. Being easily accessible to large vehicles and spacious enough to hold several tons of salt, our ClearSpan Fabric Structures have become a popular choice among municipalities, such as State Highway Crews and local Town Public Works Departments.

Private Skateboard FacilitySand and Salt Storage

2. Where are the buildings most commonly located?

Our buildings can be found in all 50 states and in many International locations, including Japan and the United Kingdom. Currently, the state with the majority of ClearSpan buildings is Ohio, but with buildings being sold and installed every day, that could easily change.

3. Can I see one of the installed buildings for myself?

If you are interested in visiting one of our buildings, contact us and we will direct you to a customer who is located in your area and is willing to show their building. If you are in the Dyersville, Iowa area and would like to schedule a tour of our 100’W x 780’L manufacturing building, you can contact us anytime and we can schedule an appointment for you.

Have a question that we didn’t answer? Feel free to leave us a comment with your question and we will get right back to you. You can also talk with one of our Truss Arch Specialists Monday-Saturday by dialing 1.866.643.1010 or stop by our website anytime at

ClearSpan. Made in the USA

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