Customer Spotlight: Service Dog Project Inc.

Service Dog Project 60'W x 80'L Hercules Truss ArchThe Great Dane is one of the top 15 largest dog breeds any person can own. Standing just under three feet tall and weighing anywhere from 100-200 pounds, it is safe to say that owning one Great Dane means you need a large amount of space. Considering that Service Dog Project Inc. (SDP), a service dog training program in Ipswich, MA, is raising and training approximately 25 Great Danes all at once, they needed a space like none-other.

Outdoor view of Service Dog Project Hercules Truss Arch BuildingFrequently shopping with our affiliate company FarmTek, Director Carlene White, knew that the only way to contain her almost larger-than-life service dog training operation was by doing it within a ClearSpanTM Fabric Structure. Choosing to go with a 60’W x 80’L Hercules Truss Arch Building, Service Dog Project, now has an appropriately sized shelter for the training and boarding of their Great Dane service dogs.

The MissionWalking with a Great Dane

SDP provides a better quality of life for the mobility impaired through the use of Great Danes as balance support service dogs. One of the reasons for training this large of a breed is because of their kind, compassionate demeanor. But the largest reason is because in order to be recognized as a balance support dog, a dog must be at least 45% of the owner’s height and 65% of the owner’s weight. Considering the average American male is 6’ tall, a Great Dane is an almost universal fit for this category of service dog. A balance support dog makes an excellent companion for those such as injured war veterans, people living with mutiple sclerosis or young children who have balance and mobility limitations.


Great Dane Puppy at Service Dog Project With the help of 40 plus volunteers, SDP cares for their Great Dane pups from birth to when they are fully trained and ready to work, which is generally one to two years of age. At any time, SDP has 25 plus dogs on the premises that are in various states of training. From the young puppies that are in the training stages of basic commands, such as “sit” and “stay”, to the more mature dogs that are learning concentration and maintaining a steady walking speed, training is nonstop at SDP. With 12 acres of land available, SDP was looking for a formal location where they could house their training program, and a Hercules Truss Arch building provided the year-round, weather-resistant training facility that SDP needed.

The Building

Natural Lighting Inside a ClearSpan BuildingCaring for and training these life-changing animals at SDP has been made easier than ever with the large amount of usable floor space that the Hercules Truss Arch building offers. The natural lighting and increased temperature control of the structure have also provided additional and unexpected benefits for SDP. As a non-profit, SDP has benefited from the energy efficiency of the natural lighting that the building provides, which has minimized their need for artificial lighting. Electing to add the optional end walls and an insulated door has also increased the buildings natural cooling effects during the summer and improved heat retention during the cold New England winters, helping to reduce overall operating expenses.

If you are interested in learning more about Service Dog Project Inc., stop by their webpage There you can read more about the business and even watch their 24/7 puppy cam live. Interested in what a ClearSpan Fabric Structure can do for you? Be sure to stop by our website or give us a call at 1.866.643.1010.

Young Puppies at Service Dog Project



    1. Love this. suggestion, maybe put the Explore website as I place they can actually see the structure in action! Love the Arena, you guys ROCK!

  1. Thank you for spotlighting Service Dog Project! It is a wonderful non profit organization I have followed for almost 2 years now. I love the ClearSpanTM Fabric Structure that I see on their site every day. I had never seen one before and it is just perfect for training the Great Danes. Thank you again for the support you show for Service Dog Project!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring Service Dog Project. This is a wonderful organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for so many. The arena (as we’ve dubbed the ClearSpan building) plays a HUGE role in the training of the Dances. It is large enough to store their equipment and still provide room to put the Danes thru their paces. Thank you again for all your support of Service Dog Project!

    1. That should be training of the *Danes* LOL. I was so excited to read this article that I didn’t take the time to proofread my post!

  3. Hi there….love what you’ve posted about SDP and also think the structure that you built is wonderful! I have been an admirer of SDP for quite some time now and see how important
    the ‘arena’ is ….very durable, reliable and can be used in all types of weather…thank you

  4. Thank you for your support of Service Dog Project! We see your structure every day as we watch the dogs and their play and training.

  5. Thank you for highlighting SDP. It is a great organization with 4 cameras on, one being the Area cam which is the ClearSpan TM Fabric Structure where I watch the dogs being trained on various structures, loose playing with each other, even, sometimes, the equine residents of the farm when the weather is really bad. Truly a multi-use building! Thanks for your support of the Service Dog Project. New puppies coming in the next 2 weeks! Oh boy.

    1. Such a Fabulous article & mission that SDP is undertaking. I’m owner of 2 Danes & have leaned on mine while walking at times due to my Lyme disease that comes & goes. I’ve always thought they would be EXCELLENT service dogs. Where are your puppies obtained? Great work & going to tune in now!🐾❤️🐾

  6. Thank you so very much for spotlighting Service Dog Project. The Arena (your ClearSpan structure) is used by the SDP and viewed by all of us CP’s (camera people) that follow along on the live cameras. Thank you for your support of this great organization…

  7. So enjoyed the article. SDP uses the ClearSpan structure year round. Thank you so much for the spotlight on such an awesome organization.

  8. I love your spotlight on Service Dog Project. I have watched numerous dogs being trained in the ClearSpanTM Fabric Structure. Thank you for your support of SDP!

  9. I also would like to thank you for highlighting SDP in your article. Because of your structure we are able to view a very important part of these fabulous service dogs’ training.

  10. I wish I could afford one of the ClearSpan structures to store hay in, but my little farm is struggling since the drought a few years ago. It’s wonderful that they have posted this on SDP, which is an organization I think highly of.

  11. Thanks so much for your support for and exposure of the Service Dog Project. The work they do is life changing for so many people, not least of which are the folks who get the amazing dogs from this worthwhile organization. For those of us who watch vicariously, it is wonderful to be able to watch them train in the arena – the arena that ClearSpan built! Thanks again.

  12. Thank you for shining the spotlight on Service Dog Project! It is a wonderful non profit organization I have followed for almost 1.5 years now. I love the ClearSpanTM Fabric Structure that I see on their site every day. I had never seen one before and it is just perfect for training the Great Danes, As well as using the structure for induction of the newest Shat Upon Society Member during the cold weather months.This truly is an all purpose building!. Thank you again for the support you show for Service Dog Project!

  13. Thank you so much for your support of Service Dog Project! It is a true asset to the project and allows teaching and training to happen every day of the year, regardless of the weather.

  14. Thank you for your wonderful support to Service Dog Project! I love watching these dogs and I can see your ClearSpan fabric structure every day when I watch the cams! It is very exciting to know that the training we are watching will someday benefit someone and help them become a fantastic service dog!!

  15. Shared your company on Facebook. You deserve all the promotion you get! Thanks so much for helping SDP and all the people whose lives are better because of their Great Danes! Bravo!

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