A Galloping “Affaire” In Ohio!


This blog was submitted by: Kat Hayden, ClearSpan Truss Arch Sales Specialist

If you are an equine enthusiast and live in New England, then you know about the Equine Affaire. People gather every autumn at the mecca of the equine world in West Springfield, Mass. You can find just about anything at Equine Affaire from new saddles, blankets and homemade horse treats. But little do the New Englanders know that there is actually another Equine Affaire in the spring! Visitors from across the Midwest flock to the event in Columbus, Ohio in April to see the same new products and trainers we see in the fall.

photo 1So on April 9, I hopped a plane t0 Ohio’s state capital to set up our ClearSpan booth. What’s nice about us is that we offer more than just building solutions for arenas and stalls. Our company also provides hydroponic equipment to make Livestock Fodder, and we can even show it off on the road! Since our Connecticut Fodder trailer was off at another trade show, our trailer in Iowa made the day-long trek to Columbus and set up shop. I was excited to meet the reps from our Iowa office in Dyersville. Since they were actually picking me up at the airport, I at first didn’t know who to look for, but I immediately recognized the big, white ClearSpan truck — there they were! Mitch, photoJill and I spent four days talking about fodder and riding arenas with many customers. People really loved that they could have first-hand interaction with the fodder and observe it’s different stages of growth.

As for me, my favorite new item from the Equine Affaire was a toy horse that people can ride like they do a bike (see above!). They even have different sizes for children and adults, too. I probably noticed at least a dozen young children riding around on toy horses. Believe it or not, I was desperately trying to figure out how I could buy one and get it back to the office, but it was clearly too large to fit in my suitcase. At long last, after four long days, I packed up and caught a flight back to Connecticut. If you know me by now, I’m counting down the days until the next Equine Affaire!


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