Spring Cleaning Is For The “Other Buildings”

about_header_iowaAt long last, Spring is here! Better late than never, right? Now is the time to replace the storm door with the screen door, clean the windows, get the yard ready, clean out the garden beds and look for the over-the-counter allergy combatant that has the lowest sale price. But if you’ve recently purchased a Hercules Truss Arch Building – a.k.a. a fabric structure – from ClearSpan, or if you’re thinking of buying one soon, you’re probably asking yourself: “How in the world am I supposed to clean that fabric cover?”

Well, you’re in luck. Our line of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and PVC-coated, woven vinyl rip-stop fabric covers offer exceptional durability, performance, appearance and almost no maintenance. Need we say anything more? When it comes to environmentally friendly, HDPE is right up there. It acts as an effective barrier against moisture and resists insects, rot and corrosion, especially in environments such as livestock barns and salt sheds. Don’t worry about having to start that power washer. Don’t worry about quenching that water bill any more than normal. Our fabric covers, in contrast to their metal and wood building counterparts, detract from the laboring chore of using elbow grease to maintain that clean and tidy look.

structures_fabricSo how does it work? The special weaving pattern and coating of our fabric enhances properties such as UV resistance and every day wear and tear.

Whether you’re using the building for livestock housing, hay storage, riding arenas, workshops, mess halls, sand & salt 65 x 100 & 140 R Volga SD Estorage, boat repair, hatchery, wood pellet storage, entertainment centers, water treatment, firehouses, transfer stations, equipment storage, tennis, construction, basketball, weight lifting, skateboarding, gypsum, vehicle inspection, aircraft, aggregate, wild animals, alpacas, vineyards, sand sacs for oil drilling, office space, shuttle repair, spray booths, shooting ranges, horse stalls, compost, auto salvage, mobile command centers, mining or an ostrich ranch, ClearSpan’s “Buildings of 1,000 Uses” provide optimal environments with little to no maintenance.

For more information, please visit www.ClearSpan.com or call 1.866.643.1010. You’ll speak to one of our knowledgeable Hercules Truss Arch Sales Specialist, who will discuss your desired application, whether it’s for railyards–OOPS! We digress…–they really are for 1,000 uses. We thought it would be fun to list them all, but hopefully by now, we’ve convinced you to call us. At ClearSpan, “Spring Cleaning” has been redefined!


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