The ClearSpan Milestone – Part I


From academics to athletics, from personal to professional, milestones come in all shapes and sizes. We are all aware that turning 50 years old or breaking scoring records are achievements that don’t go unnoticed. That can be a good or bad thing too (that is, if you don’t want people to know know your real age!). At ClearSpan Fabric Structures, we’re proud of our achievements, so we’d like to start recognizing the people and places that allow us to be successful. After all, they’re the ones making it possible!

50_Davenport IA 55 x 80, 5-4-12Since it’s also the first full week of the XXII Winter Olympics in Sochi, we have been in a rewarding state of mind. Our first honorable mention comes from Davenport, Iowa, ClearSpan’s 50th fabric structure order placed with a customer in The Hawkeye State. This 55’W by 80’L Pony Wall fabric structure is used as a storage facility for recycled asphalt. A storage building was necessary to protect the material since the recycled asphalt was previously being stored outside. Mounted on concrete blocks, the building is also equipped with one end panel to protect the stored material from the elements. Be sure to check back this week for our next milestone order!

Our next milestone order comes from The Buckeye State. Those of us who live in the United States are well aware that every four years presidential candidates aggressively lobby the state of Ohio in an attempt to earn their 18 Electoral College votes (Ohio’s 18 votes, by the way, make it the seventh-highest state in the country). If ClearSpan were to run for president, we might have a pretty good chance in Ohio too. Our success there has been evident all 100_Waverly OH 60 x 88, 9-3-13throughout, with our commitment to customer service and quality of products on full display. Waverly, Ohio, home to our 100th order in the mid-western state, is a 60’W by 88’L Hercules Truss Arch Building used for salt storage. The structure is mounted on a poured concrete foundation, giving the customer additional clearance inside the building. The building is multi-purpose too, with a concrete divider to separate their salt supply and equipment/bulk storage needs.

The State of New York is the home of our next milestone order. Located in the town of Hicksville, a Long Island community in Nassau County, this 35’W by 120’L Hercules Truss Arch Building is used as a storage facility for railroad tankers. The structure has two end walls, a 14’W by 14’H fabric gathering door and a white fabric cover with green Hicksvilleaccent stripes on either end. ClearSpan’s white fabric cover is the epitome of light permeability. Abundant daytime lighting eliminates the need for supplemental lighting, keeping energy and electricity costs to a minimum. For added height, the 4,200 square-foot structure is mounted on concrete blocks, making it easy for the building to be disassembled and relocated at a later time.

ClearSpan fulfilled The Commonwealth of Virginia’s 50th order for a customer in Suffolk, located just to the southwest of Norfolk. At 73’W by 300’L, the gable-style Hercules Truss Arch Building is used for hay storage. It has two end walls, two 18’W by 18’H and two 12’W by 12’H coil sheet doors, as well as six 50″ slant wall exhaust fans to help with ventilation. Furthermore, the 21,900 square-foot building was installed using ClearSpan’s Helical Anchor foundation. This process eliminates the need to excavate and50_Suffolk VA 73 x 300, 7-30-13 allows the building to be disassembled and relocated with ease. The 12.5 oz. high-density polyethylene fabric cover is tan with green stripes at either end.

Moving on now to Wisconsin for ClearSpan’s 50th order with The Badger State. Located in Mayville, a city to the northwest of Milwaukee, a 73’W by 100’L gable-style Hercules Truss Arch Building was put up for general storage purposes. Installed with our Helical Anchor foundation, the building is equipped with two end walls, two 14’W by 16’H fabric gathering doors and a white fabric cover with gray trim. The white fabric cover is our best option when it comes to natural daytime lighting. The UV-treated fabric is light permeable and maintains a comfortable working 50_Mayville WI 73 x 100 12-30-13environment, keeping our buildings up to 20 degrees cooler in the summer and 20 degrees warmer in the winter, especially in places like Wisconsin. If you’re looking for a design-build solution that keeps energy costs to a minimum, look no further. Call ClearSpan Fabric Structures today at 1.866.643.1010.

Completing Part I of our Milestone Orders series is the 3,600 square-foot building located in Elkhart, Ind., our 50th order in The Hoosier State. Standing at 45’W by 80’L, the round Hercules Truss Arch Building was mounted on a 6’H wall, providing additional internal clearance. Used as a storage building for trucks, the building was engineered to meet local wind- and snow-load requirements and has50_Elkhart IN 45 x 80, 11-15-13 a white, high-density rip-stop polyethylene fabric cover. If you’d like to have your fabric cover customized with multiple colors, our knowledgeable Truss Arch Sales Specialists can help! Such was the case with some of our milestone orders; customers added a trim color to their cover, adding variety to their fabric structure.

Thanks for checking our inaugural series of milestone orders! We’re looking forward to unveiling our next collection very soon, so be sure to check back. In the meantime, happy Spring and if you’re in need of a design-build solution for work or pleasure, we hope you consider ClearSpan Fabric Structures.

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