Counting Down 2013…With Our LARGEST Structures!!

Manufacturing facility

Are you ready to see our largest buildings, ranked by square footage? Well, 2013 is almost gone, so we wanted to look back on ClearSpan’s history to check out the biggest structures we’ve built, aside from our own of course (see above)! To the right is our 100’W by 780’L manufacturing facility in Dyersville, IA. This is not part of our contest, so start thinking about number 10, and continue to check back this week — only we know when our followers will catch first glimpse of our 10th-largest ClearSpan structure…To be continued!!!

CS Steel Dynamics 6NUMBER 10 (27,888 SQUARE-FEET) — Steel Dynamics in Columbia City, IN purchased an 83’W by 336’L Truss Arch building to manufacture railroad steel. The building has two end walls, one of which terminates 10 feet above the ground. Made with a white fabric cover, ClearSpan completed the installation. Customers have the option to have ClearSpan install the structure, contract it out, or put the building up themselves.

100 x 300 G Yaphank NY N (2)NUMBER 9 (30,000 SQUARE-FEET EACH) — Brookhaven Rail Terminal in Yaphank, NY had ClearSpan engineer one of the more interesting and unique structures to date. Connected by three breezeways, the two 100’W by 300’L Hercules Truss Arch buildings accommodate supplies, as this was a rebuild from Superstorm Sandy. The building is comprised of six 8’W by 10’H fabric gathering doors to enclose the breezeways and two end walls. There are a total of seven overhead doors amongst the two buildings. Furthermore, the building nearest to the tracks actually has a track running through it, thanks to two 16’W by 18’H overhead doors to allow rail cars to enter. We decided to keep this project to an indiviual building application since the trusses span 100’W rather than 200’W. So…in this case, each facility is 30,000 square-feet, thus yielding Number 9 in our Top 10 biggest installations.

60 x 504 G Staten Island NY DNUMBER 8 (30,240 SQUARE-FEET) — On the eve of Christmas Eve, our eighth largest building stays within the Tri-state, from Long Island (at number 9) to Global Container Terminal in Jersey City, NJ…in the shadows of Liberty Island. The 60’W by 504’L gable style Hercules Truss Arch building was constructed with 18 garage bays at 12’W by 16’H. In addition to being stamped-engineered, the customer purchased 54 high bay T-5 lamp fixtures and 26 belt driven, slant walled boxed fans at 48″ each. With breathtaking views of lower Manhattan, Global Container Terminal is situated on 100 acres of land.

150 x 220 R Chester VA CNUMBER 7 (33,000 SQUARE-FEET) — The Chesterfield County Proctors Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Chesterfield, VA recently installed a 150’W by 220’L gable style Hercules Truss Arch building to use as a sludge bed. Chesterfield County serves 103,000 residents and is responsible for maintaining water quality in the James River and Chesapeake Bay. Mounted on an 8’9″H poured concrete foundation, the structure’s peak clearance is roughly 57’H and the building has a unique end wall that terminates 19′ from the top of the poured foundation.”

83 x 400 H South Barre MA CNUMBER 6 (33,200 SQUARE-FEET) — It’s Christmas Eve today. So in lieu of Christmas, we are double dipping today by “giving” you another one of our stellar, top-10 biggest projects. Wildwood Reload is a storage and logistics company in South Barre, MA. When they needed a place to store 40 tons of salt, they called ClearSpan! Wildwood purchased an 83’W by 400’L Hercules Truss Arch building mounted on a poured concrete foundation. At each section of foundation where the trusses are anchored, additional concrete reinforcements are installed on the exterior of the structure to help with outward pressure. The building is outfitted with a tan cover and end wall, with four vents installed on the end wall. Keeping salt covered is required to prevent it from getting wet and thus running off into nearby waterways.

83 x 420 G Greensboro PA ANUMBER 5 (34,860 SQUARE-FEET) — It’s the day after Christmas and it’s back to work for a lot of us, including MEPCO and their new Hercules Truss Arch building in Greensboro, PA. Constructed as an 83’W by 420’L gable style structure, it is mounted on concrete piers and has one end wall. The end wall has two, 48″ belt-driven slant wall fans and an opening to accommodate a conveyor system for their manufacturing business. In order to meet local air quality standards, a rectangular, 150’L section of one of the sidewalls was terminated at the eave of the trusses to allow proper ventilation. The other side has a 14’W by 14’H opening with a coil sheet door for heavy machinery.

???????????????????????????????NUMBER 4 (36,000 SQUARE-FEET) — Once the home of a shrimp farm in North Las Vegas, this 120’W by 300’L ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch building is equipped with a 16’H drop ceiling that’s insulated to R-30 while the building’s side walls and end panels are insulated to R-19. The structure also has two automatic 12’W by 14’H doors and a total of eight vinyl strip doors. This tan covered building was installed in March 2011.

83 x 600 Hallandale FL BNUMBER 3 (49,800 SQUARE-FEET) — Several weeks ago, we posted our biggest project to date, which was the construction of two of these 83’W by 600’L Hercules Truss Arch buildings at Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino in Hallandale Beach, FL. As an individual building, however, each comes in at 49,800 square-feet, making it our third-largest individual structure. With a record number of boarding applications expected this winter, Gulfstream needed additional space. ClearSpan was contacted in early August and by mid-October, the structures were installed using our Helical Anchor foundation. Due to Hallandale Beach’s location in a hurricane zone, the two buildings were engineered to withstand a wind load in excess of 150 mph.

120 x 450 G Honduras GNUMBER 2 (54,000 SQUARE-FEET) — In 2011, Tecno Supplier in San Pedro Sula, Honduras needed an extension to their salt storage structure. What originally started off as a 39,960 square-foot ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch building (120’W by 333’L), became a 54,000 square-foot structure. With 117 additional mounting blocks, the structure was extended to 450’L. One of the two end walls has a 20’W by 20’H door as well as a total of six insulated walk-in doors. The fabric cover is white, allowing natural light to pass through and has a blue border on all four sides. A conveyor also runs along the inside peak of the structure.

Bigger is BetterNUMBER 1 (60,000 SQUARE-FEET) — When Fibreco Export, Inc. in North Vancouver, British Columbia decided to add wood pellet handling to their wood supply business, they knew they needed a large warehouse to store the material. They called ClearSpan. Little did they know that the building they purchased would be the largest Hercules Truss Arch building to date. What’s interesting about this 250’W by 240’L ClearSpan marvel is that the structure is double-trussed every 12 feet to support the huge span. Interestingly enough, if the trusses were laid out in a straight line, they would be about two miles long! The structure was built with two end walls, three 24’W by 24’H fabric gathering doors and four insulated walk-in doors. A conveyor system also connects the Hercules Truss Arch building to their processing plant. The conveyor, equipped with a custom canopy kit, runs perpendicular to the top of the building. Before ClearSpan, the wood pellets were stored in silos. Now the wood pellets are stored in a fabric structure and kept dry, which is vitally important. If they get wet, they will disintegrate. The low cost verses a metal building and quick turnaround for installation was also attractive to Fibreco. The building has been in use since 2011 and is still the largest ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch building. On behalf of ClearSpan, we hope you enjoyed our Top-10 Largest Structures Countdown, and we wish you a happy and safe New Year!

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