Our “Truss Us” Series Premier! Meet…Kat Hayden!

Kat Hayden 2

Kat Hayden, originally from Hoosick Falls, N.Y., has been with ClearSpan Fabric Structures for a year and a half. She attended Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Mass. and earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology. So Kat…

  • How did you hear about ClearSpan? “I’ve been riding horses now for about 11 years and when I was in college, I took to the horseback in a ClearSpan building and was amazed at what a structure like this could actually do. So when I noticed the job posting, I thought it would be just a perfect fit; so I applied, and here I am today!”
  • What is your role at ClearSpan? “I actually started off as a National Account Manager at ClearSpan. Shortly thereafter, I cross-trained in the Truss Arch building department and currently serve as an equine riding arena specialist.”
Kat Hayden 1
  • So you must own a horse, right? “Oh, of course I do! His name is Nate and he’s a 25-year-old Arabian Cross.”
  • What’s your favorite part about working at ClearSpan? “I get fulfillment by helping [our customers] achieve their goals and dreams, especially with our equestrian community. Our riding arena structures provide a safe and secure home for horses, and allow our customers to ride and train year-round, especially if they live in a colder climate. Basically, they can do what they love to do all the time.”
  • What was a recent challenge you endured, and how were you able to come to a resolution? “I recently worked with a customer from Colorado. They really wanted to have an indoor riding arena, but they wanted the new structure to match their existing wood stall barn, not to mention that this community had a very high snow load requirement. After working with the customer’s contractor, we were able to design wooden end walls to match the barn without compromising the benefit of natural lighting that our fabric buildings are known for. And even though the snow load was a challenge, we were able to add enough supports to meet all local code requirements.”
  • Since you’ve been at ClearSpan, what have you most enjoyed about living in Connecticut? “I love the fact that I live so close to the beach!”

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