No Signage? No Problem!


How often have you driven by a business with little or no signage and actually know the industry they’re in? Perhaps a better questions is how much business are they losing because they have no signage that makes them easily identifiable? For some, signage may not be an issue, but it does go a long way when it comes to brand recognition.

Branding is key to the marketing campaign of a business. Just think of how successful McDonald’s has been with their infamous “golden arches” and menu. They are a global enterprise for a reason. Being able to associate a logo or a product with a specific company is a win-win for the business and for the consumer. All of our buildings are branded ClearSpan™; it differentiates our product and the customer knows they have a quality product when they see our logo on the building. The brand has a message associated with it, kind of like,Construction143 “I can get a Big Mac only at McDonald’s,” or…”I can get a fabric structure from ClearSpan™, with an industry-leading 50/20 warranty!”Making and impression and having a memorable logo is essential to any business…even for the green and orange (hint: look to your right!).

Pretty amazing, right? So how can you get your logo on a fabric building from ClearSpan™? It’s actually very easy! When you speak to one of our knowledgeable Truss Arch Specialists, be sure to ask them about adding your company’s logo to your new building. We’ve provided this added service to a number of our customers for events and for their businesses and it helps them to stand out. It also adds a clean, professional look that will have your customers say, “Hey! That’s _____!)”

Also keep in mind that maintaining a simple logo is key. If you already have one, and you’ve kept the same one for a while, you’re already a step ahead. At ClearSpan™, we’ve incorporated our name and a simple graphic that’s easily identifiable and reflects our product. Having different variations of a logo isn’t uncommon either, but keeping it relatively consistent is critical to your brand strategy.

Here are a few examples of companies who took advantage of having their logo printed on their ClearSpan™ Fabric Structure!


  • Greene Acres Equestrian Center, LLC is located in Belchertown, Mass., and recently purchased a 65′ wide by 120′ long Hercules Truss Arch building to use as an indoor riding arena.
Greene Acres Equestrian Center


  • Oilfield Steel Supply is located in Tomball, Texas. In July, they installed an 83′ wide by 200′ long Hercules Truss Arch building to use for warehousing and manufacturing.
83 x 200 G Tomball TX F


So, now what’s with this 50/20 that I mentioned earlier? It’s our warranty and you can connect this with ClearSpan™ – and only ClearSpan™. Our fantastic warranty covers 50 years on the steel frame and 20 years on the rip-stop and UV-treated fabric cover. It’s coverage that we stand behind without having to involve a third party. So when you see our 50/20 stamp emblazoned on our marketing materials, you’ll know what it stands for. What’s more, if at any time you experience a problem with your fabric structure – or if you feel the urge to take your branding to another level – rest assured that you can rely on ClearSpan™!

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