Turning the Impossible into a Reality!

83 x 600 Hallandale FL A

It’s Wednesday — the day before Thanksgiving! And for the first time since 1888, Thanksgiving Day will mark the first day of Hanukkah! Enjoy the dual celebrations while you can, because it is believed that this convergence will not happen again for over 79,000 years!

That being said, Wednesday at ClearSpan™ also marks our weekly spotlight on the vast world of equine! At this point in time, you’re probably mapping out the 5 W’s in your head about the photo above. That’s right, the same 5 W’s we all learned, or was supposed to learn, in school. For me, I’m pretty sure it was in my sixth grade English class when I started to use this technique in my writing samples. However, we tend to not think about the “H.” It always seems to get left out when we think about this concept. The same can be said when associating the letter “Y” as a vowel, unless you sing to yourself the catchy little tune, “A-E-I-O-U…and sometimes Y.” Anyways, let’s begin our lesson on the 5 W’s and yes, that lonesome H, and let’s apply it to arguably one of the most incredible projects in ClearSpan’s illustrious history!5ws-big

1.) Who: Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino

2.) What: 50,000 square feet of stall space (you won’t believe the size of these buildings!)

3.) When: In 2 months…wait, 2 MONTHS??? How in the world…can ClearSpan do that?

4.) Where: Hallandale Beach, Florida

5.) Why: A record number of stall applications for the Fall of 2013.

6.) How: Please continue reading; we’re confident you will be starstruck.

DSC09632Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino is one of the world’s most premier thoroughbred race tracks and plays host each winter to a number of contenders seeking the Triple Crown. Located just 18 miles north of Miami, the resort opened in 1939. Since then, Gulfstream Park has flourished into a resort destination with first-class shopping, dining and an 850-slot casino.

With a record number of stall applications expected at Gulfstream this fall, the park needed the appropriate accommodations–and fast. That’s where ClearSpan Fabric Structures stepped in. After hearing about our product through an architect at the facility, the folks at Gulfstream called us on July 31, 2013 faced with a demanding problem. Due to the lack of stalls, they needed about 50,000 square feet of space by the end of October. Some said it couldn’t be done–but we said it could!

HOW? First, let’s make you aware that Gulfstream Park is located in what’s classified as a hurricane zone, which means that building code requires structures be designed to withstand wind loads in excess of 150 mph. WOW! Did we ever have to climb a mountain, or what?!? Working in concert, the tireless ClearSpan team of sales, engineering, manufacturing, project management and installation exemplified what customer service is all about. We turned the seemingly impossible into a reality, and completed the daunting task of erecting two–TWO Hercules Truss Arch buildings at 83’ wide by 600’ long–ahead of schedule.

ClearSpan delivered for Gulfstream. Let us also deliver for YOU!

From all of us at ClearSpan, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah–and if you’re in South Beach on this holiday weekend, take some time to visit Gulfstream Park!


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