Sand + Salt + Structure = ClearSpan!


The winter season has already begun in several portions of the United States. But as Winter Storm Boreas embarks on the eastern sector of the country — in time for Thanksgiving travel — municipalities and landscaping businesses alike will be fueling up their fleet and stocking up on sand and salt to combat Jack Frost’s wrath on our neighborhood roads and interstates.

To ensure maximum effectiveness of salt, or a salt/sand mixture, The Salt Institute recommends that the traction-control mixture remains in a covered structure. With economics and the environment in mind, several customers have turned to ClearSpan for this solution. When precipitation engages with salt and sand piles, it begins to dissolve. The end result is runoff into nearby waterways, wetlands and especially into ground water, which can substantially affect our everyday drinking water needs.

So let’s circle back as to why the versatility of ClearSpan Fabric Structures is second-to-none in the sand and salt business. By following the recommendations of The Salt Institute, we’ve identified some key features as to why our tension fabric buildings are exactly what you will need to cover your next load.

45 x 90 Freeport IL2– Our triple galvanized steel is American-made, and ideal for highly corrosive and wet environments.

– A magnificent, industry leading 50-year warranty on the structure and a 20-year warranty on the fabric cover.

– The white fabric cover allows natural light into the building, eliminating the need for supplementary lighting during the daytime hours. Since they are light permeable, the covers enhance visibility to maximize operator safety. We understand that you’re out there to make money — so reduce those electricity bills!

– ClearSpan buildings can be open-ended for easy access for payloaders, dump trucks and other heavy-duty machinery. The unique design also eliminates the need for support poles that could hamper operations inside the structure.

– If you have a sand and salt operation, you’re likely in an area where inclement weather occurs. Our stamped-engineered buildings follow wind and snow load regulations based on the community to which the building will be erected.

Versatile Foundation Options! Our structures can be installed on containers, pony walls or concrete blocks to increase overall height and sidewall clearance.

– Don’t need the building up year-round? No problem — you can uninstall and/or relocate it! ClearSpan Fabric Structures can be permanent or temporary as your needs require.

Still waiting for that first storm to hit? Have no fear…our pre-designed buildings can be shipped to you and ready for installation in as little as72 R Upper Sandusky OH D two weeks, so give us a call today! Your business banks on a busy winter season. Allow us to help on you with an efficient, durable and long-lasting fabric buildings that will make your job easier, and more profitable!


ClearSpan Fabric Structures can install your building at anytime during the year, so it’s never too late — even if that first snow fall or early-season ice storm waved an early hello!

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