ClearSpan Trots To Equine Affaire

Equine Affaire 2013 Photo 2

Submitted by: Kat Hayden, ClearSpan Truss Arch Specialist

Equine Affaire to me is like Christmas is to kids! This is by far my most favorite trade show that ClearSpan Fabric Structures does all year long. Ask anyone in the office and they will tell you how excited I get in the days leading up to the show. Now that I have been traveling to trade shows regularly for the last year, I have made friends with vendors who travel to the same show. I get excited to see them and do some shopping!! And of course my favorite thing; talk to horse people all day long.

This year we had a bit of a different set up. Many of you know that our sister company, FarmTek, has a line of hydroponic livestock feed called fodder. Our company has invested in 2 trailers that house a small-scale fodder system and lettuce channels. This is great to take to shows because everything you need is right in the trailer. The fodder trailer was a HUGE hit at Equine Affair! Not only did we have 20 people gathered around the trailer at times, but I think it was so unique that it got people to stop over who normally wouldn’t. The photo above is a panoramic view of our great 30 ft. booth!

Each day was busier than the last and it felt like I was talking non-stop to people all day! But I did find time towards the end of the show to do a bit of shopping. My co-worker and I both have horses so we decided we wouldn’t let each other do any shopping!!! But of course, in the last few minutes before the show closed every vendor was offering 50%-75% off. I gave in and bought a nice pair of riding pants. My co-worker on the other hand stayed strong and didn’t buy anything. I don’t really need a new pair of riding pants but when they are 50% off, I can’t resist! After a long weekend attending the West Springfield, Mass. show, I was glad to have Monday off and enjoy the quiet day while brainstorming new ideas for next year’s Equine Affaire.

Equine Affaire 2013 Photo 1Until then, enjoy some hydroponic lettuce — on us!

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