Guess the Application, Continued

Guess the applicationEvery week I talk about the versatility and uniqueness of our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings and how they’re perfect for a variety of applications, while maintaining an aesthetic appeal.  Today, we’re going to continue our guessing game…

I’m going to show six outside shots of some of our buildings and I’d like you to try to guess each building’s application.

I'll have a glassI’ll have a glass

Located in Lake Odessa, MI our first building on the list isn’t one of our traditional looking structures.  Sized at 75’ wide x 75’ long this perfect square was purchased to help with municipal needs.  What is it used for?

Land of plentyLand of plenty

I like to call Iowa the land of plenty because of the vast open space and gentle rolling hills.  What is this 75’ wide x 100’ long Hercules Truss Arch building doing in Worthington, IA?

Something oldSomething old

I’m not referring to this ClearSpan Fabric Structure as the something old.  It was installed only a few years ago in Plantsville, CT.  So what is this 83’ wide x 240’ long ClearSpan building’s purpose?

Circle of lifeCircle of life

Keenesburg, CO is home to our next mystery building.  As you can see from the temporary stairwell leading up to the top of the building there is an upper level to this 100’ wide x 150’ long Hercules Truss Arch Building.  What’s its application?

Energizer bunnyEnergizer bunny

Judging from the concrete pier foundation I don’t think the owners of this 100’ wide x 200’ long ClearSpan Fabric Structure are worried about anything escaping out under the fabric.  Also, concrete piers aren’t the most mobile of foundations.  Looks like the owners of this Keokuk, IA building aren’t looking to move anytime soon.  What’s its purpose?

Sea of dustSea of dust

Okay, now this next building definitely looks like it’s lost in the desert.  It’s actually just right outside Las Vegas, NV.  So what is this 120’ wide x 300’ long Hercules Truss Arch Building doing in the middle of nowhere?

Drum roll, please…

Okay, its answer time! Pay close attention because with each answer comes a buzz word and the first person to post each buzz word correctly on our facebook page will get some ClearSpan swag mailed to them!  Visit to participate.  Simply find the matching outside picture post, submit the buzzword to the post and the first to complete all six will win!

Wastewater decontaminationI’ll have a glass

Application: Wastewater decontamination facility

Buzzword: Dirty water

Equine riding arenaLand of plenty

Application: Indoor riding arena

Buzzword: Horse

Junk car refurbishingSomething old

Application: Junk car repair facility

Buzzword: Junk yard

Animal sactuaryCircle of life

Application: Wild animal sanctuary

Buzzword: Lion

Coal storageEnergizer bunny

Application: Coal storage

Buzzword: Coal

Shrimp farmSea of dust

Application: Shrimp farm

Buzzword: Buffet

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