Five ClearSpan Specialty Equipment Storage Buildings

Specialty equipment storageWith colder weather upon most of the nation and the cost of almost everything rising it is important now more than ever to protect your equipment. Providing covered storage through the winter months will not only reduce the costs of maintenance and repairs, but increases the life span of your equipment too. Today’s blog features five ClearSpan customers who chose to store their equipment inside a Hercules Truss Arch Building.

Lawn careNow there is no excuse for non-manicured grounds of this Naples, FL golf course. The owners of this 55’ wide x 40’ long round style ClearSpan building made a smart decision when choosing their storage option. The lawn care and maintenance equipment stay safe and dry during Florida’s hurricane season.

Farm lifeFarm life is often filled with an endless list of chores. Repairing tractors and combines can now be removed from the list for this Midwest Hercules Truss Arch Building. The 55’ wide x 60’ long building helps keep this farm equipment in tip-top shape and offers great coverage for needed routine maintenance such as oil changes and tire repairs.

Weighing ServicesThe next equipment storage building is located in Griffith, IN. Technical Weighing Services, Inc. needed a building solution to store some of their heavy-duty weighing equipment. They found their solution in a 55’ wide x 100’ long ClearSpan Fabric Structure.

Commercial equipmentMike A. Maedge Trucking, Inc. located in Highland, IL needed a building with high clearances to accommodate commercial equipment and auxiliary storage. They decided on a 65’ wide x 160’ long Hercules Truss Arch Building. Leaving one end open, maneuvering the equipment in and out of the building is not an issue.

Shredding equipmentOur final specialty equipment storage facility is a 60’ wide x 50’ long CleraSpan Fabric Structure. Owned by Commodity Resource and Environmental, Inc. the building is located in Mojave, CA. The building houses equipment used to securely destroy documents with personal information on them, mainly from the medical field. Thanks to ClearSpan this company has no problem with HIPPA compliance.

Specialty equipmentUsually when we talk about equipment storage trucks and forklifts come to mind. Although Hercules Truss Arch Buildings can be used for that kind of equipment too, it doesn’t just stop there. ClearSpan Fabric Structures help solve the lack of storage space that so many companies face.

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