Warm up your fabric structure—ClearSpan’s insulation and heaters

Warm upWith winter right around the corner many business owners are preparing themselves for cold weather.  Although you’ll experience temperatures 15° to 20° warmer inside your ClearSpan Fabric Structure than the outside temperature, there are some applications where additional heat is required.  These applications usually involve spectators, manufacturing or temperature dependent products.  Luckily, with a little help from our affiliate company, FarmTek, ClearSpan can outfit your fabric structure with a variety of heating options and accessories…

M ResortInsulation options

Many of our athletic and manufacturing facility owners choose insulation as the option to provide them with additional heat.  Typically we install the building like we would any other and then an R-19 fiberglass bat is attached to the inside of the polyethylene or vinyl cover.  It has a white vinyl face so it gives the illusion of being the inside view of the fabric cover.  Occasionally we have customers who require a more finished look, such as the M Resort and Casino.  For them, we added an additional fabric cover that was attached to the insulation from the inside.  This does add extra costs to the price of the building, but definitely provides more aesthetic appeal.

In-floor radiant heat

RadiantAnother popular heating option is our radiant in-floor heat.  Radiant heat is a method of heating a home, shop or other building with heat concentrated in the floor.  For this option, special pex tubing is installed under the concrete foundation, or under wood or tile flooring.  Heated water flows through the tubing, warming the thermal mass of the floor.  The heat generated then rises and heats the entire building from the ground up.  This option has become very popular in manufacturing facilities and workshops, where people work year round.

Forced-air heaters

ModineForced-air heaters are probably the most common heating option people think of.  They heat the air and are usually inexpensive to purchase and install.  We offer propane, natural gas, oil fired, steam and electric heaters.  They are a great way to heat well-sealed buildings, although the heat is not always even.  For large-scale operations, I’d suggest a Modine heater.  Modine has a great reputation and has been in business since 1916.  They’re very popular for calf and horse barns and are great to use in combination with vent tubes.  Electric forced-air heaters are very popular in locations where gas or propane aren’t available.  Portable options are also available for electric heaters.

Infrared heatersInfrared heaters

Infrared heaters are great in ClearSpan Fabric Structures and are very common for athletic facilities, processing plants and workshops.  The heat radiates from above and is absorbed by any object, person, animal or concrete slab in the vicinity.  They’re great for large area heating or spot heating.  They are usually attached to the trusses over individual work areas, work benches or bay doors, but can also be placed every so many feet to provide full building heat.

Many people are fine without adding extra heat to their Hercules Truss Arch Buildings, but in some cases it makes work a little more comfortable.  If you’re located in a colder climate and want something to take the chill out of your building, consider one of our many heating options.


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