Treat your horses with tender love and care!

Tender love and careSome people think the only way to show someone you care is to buy them something.  I have to say that when it comes to your horses I have to agree with that.  If we’re being honest, I think every horse owner should have purchase a Hercules Truss Arch Building to show their horse how much they love them,but that’s not realistic.  Luckily, FarmTek, our affiliate company has some less intense, yet still very important products that will not only improve your horses’ lives, but your own as well…

Nice hot shower

SprayerEveryone enjoys a nice hot shower after long workout and the same can be said for horses.  Using a barn hose isn’t always the best way to go about giving your equine friend a scrub down.  Consider the Double Tuf Industrial Sprayer Boom.  It was designed to keep your wash area clean and organized, not to mention it is extremely efficient.  It easily mounts on any wall and conveniently keeps the water away from feet.  Now your horses can have a luxurious wash down without you getting wet!

Ergonomics for horsesInterlocking mat

Think of how great it feels for you to stand on one of those ergonomic mats while doing dishes.  Now your horses can have the same type of treatment with Dyno Interlocking Rubber Stall Mats.  These mats are perfect for grooming areas, trailer floors and stalls.  The interlocking mat helps relieve joint stress and greatly improves the health of your horse.  These mats interlock and are nearly impossible for horses to pull apart.  Luckily they hold themselves in place and do not need to be anchored down.  They’re also made from 100% recycled rubber so you’re doing your part to help the environment as well!

Is it lunch time yet?

FodderFrom feed and utility pails and wall mount hay racks, to insulated bucket holders, FarmTek has a variety of ways to provide for your horses.  The best way to feed your horses is by growing fodder.  From using our Fodder-Pro Feed Systems you can provide your horses with top-quality horse feed for just pennies a pound.  Fodder can be used as a supplemental feed and can result in benefits including less recovery time after hard work, reduced instance of colic, ulcers and inflammation, earlier and more consistent heat cycles, improved hoof health and coat gloss.

Exercise time

High crown arenaOf course we want you to purchase a ClearSpan Indoor Fabric Arena, but it may not be in the budget or you may not currently have room to accommodate one, either.  May I recommend a ClearSpan™ High Crown Arena?  The High Crown Arena is an ideal equestrian center.  You can safely train under cover through rain, snow or sunshine.  It offers a controlled environment and reduces distractions.  They allow both horse and rider to remain focused improving the training experience.  It has a 60’ diameter and is 26’8” to center peak and have 8’H sidewalls.  High Crown Arenas also have the option of removable sidewalls which is very convenient should the weather turn blustery.

Even if a ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Arena isn’t in your forecast you can still show your horses you care.  With help from our affiliate company, FarmTek, there are plenty of options and products that will improve their lives.

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