Every Business Needs a Fabric Structure—Spotlight on Jenkins Welding

Jenkins WeldingWhen you watch shows like the Deadliest Catch or Wicked Tuna you may ask yourself two things.  First, how do these men and women survive out there and second, how can those boats withstand those environmental extremes?  We can’t answer the first question but we can definitely help answer the second.  These fishing vessels are lucky enough to have people dedicated to maintaining and repairing them to keep them in tip top shape.  Today’s post focuses on Jenkins Welding and the Hercules Truss Arch Building that allows them to do their job…

Jenkins WeldingIn business for more than 25 years, Jenkins Welding specializes in aluminum fabrication and welding. Owner Chuck Jenkins says, “Our main focus is repair, rebuild, modification and conversion of commercial fishing vessels. We provide the marine industry with custom-designed and constructed fuel tanks, top houses, aluminum bulwarks, decks and rigging, as well as small boat building.” With his business located in southeast Alaska, where the climate features a temperate rainforest, the weather can present a considerable hindrance.

Working out of a 40′ wide by 80′ long shop, Jenkins did not have enough room for large fishing vessels. He explains, “There was a significant need for a covered work space which could house the large fishing vessels that we work on. The closest covered facility is located in Seward, Alaska which is approximately 670 miles away. The other option was for boat owners to travel to Seattle.” When the city of Wrangell purchased a 150-ton travel lift, giving Jenkins Welding the opportunity to work on larger vessels, Jenkins decided that he needed to expand his covered work area.

Jenkins WeldingAfter researching his options, Jenkins chose a 50′ wide by 80′ long ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Building because the design of the structure would allow for the height necessary to accommodate the vessels’ masts. “The new ClearSpan structure provides southeast Alaska fishing fleets with a covered work space while their fishing vessels are being worked on,” he says. Jenkins continues, “The structure will house a vessel which is up to 58′ high, 80′ long, and 150 tons.” Installing the structure on containers allows Jenkins to maximize his storage and work space.

Jenkins is pleased with how the ClearSpan structure is working out. He notes, “It gives us a badly needed dry work space. The fabric cover lets in natural light, and we have had high winds with no problems.”

Jenkins WeldingA ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Building is the exact building option someone like Chuck Jenkins needs.  These buildings provide covered storage and work space, not to mention the ability to accommodate the high clearances and clear span space requirements of large fishing vessels.  Also, due to the portable nature of the selected foundation for Jenkins’ ClearSpan Fabric Structure, his building can easily be relocated should the need ever arise.

Part of being a smart business owner is identifying potential problems, doing your research on how to solve those problems and then making the right decision on which solution to pick.  Chuck Jenkins made a very wise decision when he chose a Hercules Truss Arch Building as the solution to his lack of covered work space.

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