Guess the application

Guess the applicationEach week I talk about the versatility and uniqueness of our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings and how they’re perfect for a variety of applications, while maintaining aesthetic appeal.  Today, I’m going to prove it by playing a little guessing game with you…

I’m going to show six outside shots of some of our buildings and I’d like you to try to guess each building’s application.

Lovely assistantLovely assistant

And for my next magic trick, I’m going to saw this building in half!  Located in Evans, GA these are actually two separate structures.  The first is a 45’ wide x 60’ long Hercules Truss Arch Building and the second is 45’ wide x 25’ long.  What’s its application?

Little home on the prairieLittle home on the prairie

Don’t let the look of this perfect little 65’ wide x 65’ long building fool you.  This is not home to Mary and Laura Ingalls.  Located in Red Oak, IA what’s its application?

Double troubleDouble trouble

Okay, so maybe I’m giving you a tiny hint by the industry these two 65’ wide x 360’ long Hercules Truss Arch Buildings can be categorized as.  The question really is what are these McKinleyville, CA buildings used for?


No this next building isn’t a desert mirage imagined by the weary traveler.  Located in Tioga, ND what is this 65’ wide x 300’ long structure’s purpose in the middle of nowhere?

North of the WallNorth of the Wall

The Wildlings in the Game of Thrones series wish they had a shelter (hint, hint) as nice as this 60’ wide x 215’ long Oliktok Point, AK ClearSpan Fabric Structure.  What’s its application?

Purple mountains majestyPurple mountains majesty

It’s only fitting that a majestic landscape has the appropriate structure located in the dead center of it all.  So what is this 72’ wide x 95’ long Colorado Springs, CO building used for?

Drum roll, please…

Okay, its answer time! Pay close attention because with each answer comes a buzz word and the first person to post each buzz word correctly on our facebook page will get some ClearSpan swag mailed to them! Visit to participate.  Simply find the matching outside picture post, submit the buzzword to the post and the first to complete all six will win!

Golf cart refurbishingLovely Assistant

Application: Golf cart refurbishing workshop

Buzzword: Hole in one

Tipping areaLittle Home on the Prairie

Application: Waste tipping area

Buzzword: Garbage man

Goat housingDouble trouble

Application: Goat housing

Buzzword: Billygoat

Mess hallMirage

Application: Mess hall for oil workers

Buzzword: Entertainment tonight

Worker housingNorth of the Wall

Application: Workspace and housing for oil drillers

Buzzword: Cold as ice

Indoor swimming poolPurple mountains majesty

Application: Indoor swimming pool

Buzzword: Crawl stroke

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