Eight Questions to Ask Yourself before Purchasing a ClearSpan Fabric Structure

8 QuestionsCommitting to any major purchase is always a little nerve racking.  It’s important to establish what you need versus what you want.  Purchasing a Hercules Truss Arch Building is no different from other important purchases such as buying a car or home.  As long as you get your priorities in order and stay organized, the process is pretty much painless.  For your convenience, I’ve organized eight questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a ClearSpan Fabric Structure

Application1.       What do I intend to use this building for?

Knowing why you need the building is always important, whether it’s for additional storage space, a production facility or for doggie daycare.  Our buildings are very versatile and we’ve known many customers that purchase the building with one purpose in mind and end up using it for another.  Determining what they fabric structure will potentially be used for will allow you to determine other important factors such as the size, foundation and location.

Size 2.       What size building do I need?

Determining the needed size of your building may not be as easy as you think.  What you require and what you have room to accommodate may be two different sizes.  When determining the needed size, remember two things.  First, the width of the building plays a larger role in setting the building’s price then the length.  The design of the building is set by its width so once you chose a width you can’t change it down the road without having to order an entirely different building.  Secondly, length is something that you can change over time.  If there is only enough in the budget for 1,000 square feet, but you’d really like 1,500 square feet, building length can easily be added on in the future.

 Structural requirements3.       What are the structural requirements of the local building codes?

Above I mentioned that the required width of the building determines the type of design used for your building.  Local building codes and zoning requirements also play a role into the structural design of your Hercules Truss Arch Building.  It’s always good to know if you’ll have to submit engineered stamped drawings or other elements of the building’s design.  Also, are you familiar with the local wind and snow-load requirements?  Although, our team will be able to find that information out for you, it never hurts to educate yourself.  High load requirements usually mean an increase in building price because more steel is required in the design to make your building structurally safe.

 Budget4.       What’s my budget and will I need financing?

As with any purchase, knowing your budget is a good idea.  The great thing about working with ClearSpan Fabric Structures is we can provide greater flexibility when determining your financing options.  We provide in-house financing meaning we do not work with a third party bank.  Our financing specialists are highly educated and experienced in determining the best options for you.  ClearSpan financing may allow you to increase your budget a little more than you originally thought.

Relocate 5.       Will I potentially have to relocate the building?

Life would be a lot easier if we could look into a crystal ball and determine what the future will bring.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  If you’re thinking of relocating in the future or you’re purchasing the building with the intention of relocating it, this is something important to determine in the beginning.  This factor will allow you to choose the right foundation option—one that is portable and easy to move.  In these situations we usually recommend our Helical Anchors, containers or concrete blocks.

 Lead time6.       When do I need the building to be up and running?

As a rule of thumb we usually say our building lead times are 90 days from placing the order to delivery.  The time of year may increase or decrease that estimation.  Fall is typically one of our busiest seasons.  If you know you need your Hercules Truss Arch Building installed and ready for action before the first snow fall, I’d recommend starting the process with us in the spring to ensure you get your building in time.

 Customizations7.       What type of customizations or accessories will I need?

Knowing what customizations you need up front helps the process move from sales to design more efficiently.  Communicating if you need flame-retardant fabric, vehicle doors or colored fabric plays a role in the building’s design.  Accessories, on the other hand, can be added after the building has already been installed, but the more information you can provide us about your needs for the building up front the better we can serve you.

Installation 8.       Will I require installation services?

Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are easy and quick to install. If you’re handy and can easily get your hands on the required equipment or know someone who can we often suggest that you install the building yourself.  We do offer installation service though.  Our construction crews are on the road all year. They’re experienced and do the job right the first time.  Determining your needs for building install ahead of time will also make the process a lot smoother and get the building up and running before you know it.

Truss Arch specialistOf course our knowledgeable Truss Arch Sales Specialist will help you determine the answers to the questions you’re not sure about.  They’ll help make recommendations and offer suggestions based on their experience.  The more questions you can answer or start thinking about before starting the sales process the better.  Making these important decisions ahead of time will only help you in the long run.

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