Corn dogs, bearded ladies and dancing seals—Fair season is upon us!

Fair seasonWith Labor Day having come and gone, the end of summer is nearing.  I know it’s a terrible thought. I can barely even talk about it, but the good news is fair season is upon us!  Late summer and early fall bring with them farmers markets, harvest fairs and carnivals.  Luckily ClearSpan, is prepared for such festivities and provides the perfect solution for your event needs.

Good Ole Mother Nature

Good ole mother natureEver hear the expression, ‘It’s a woman’s perogative to change her mind?’  Well Mother Nature takes many liberties with this expression.  It would be wonderful if all of autumn could be filled with beautiful crisp mornings, sunny afternoons and cool evenings, but unfortunately nature doesn’t work that way. ClearSpan Fabric Structures helps combat Mother Nature’s mood swings.

Providing shelter from the elements and allowing events to take place without a rain date is only the beginning.  Hercules Truss Arch Buildings’ fabric covers’ feature translucent and reflective qualities that provide indoor temperature stability.  The structures’ physical attributes aid in making them climate responsive.  Our buildings are typically 15˚ to 20˚ warmer on colder days and 15˚ to 20˚ cooler on warmer days.

Good ole mother natureStarting in fall, Earth moves closer to the sun and increased natural light filters though the covers heating the steel trusses and footings.  Frames retain heat throughout the day and radiate it back at night.  The fabric covers do not hold in the cold and create a “greenhouse effect” when the buildings have closed ends.

On the other hand fabric covers let in natural light, but block direct sunlight.  The fabric covers act as a tree, creating shade.  With UV-treated technology, our fabric covers stop heat-causing UV rays from entering our structures.  Due to the height of our structures, any heat that naturally rises is well above the heads of attendees.  A nice cross breeze can be created to cool the interior of the fabric structure by using end doors.  Energy usage from heating and cooling will be greatly decreased with a ClearSpan exhibition hall.

Let the sun shine

Let the sun shine inAs I previously mentioned natural light permeates through the covers of our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings eliminating the need for daytime artificial light and decreasing the amount of lights needed at night.  Not only does this greatly reduce the cost of electricity for show management and vendors, but it helps increase the events value as well.  Shoppers will be able to inspect the quality of the goods they intend to purchase from fruits and veggies to jewelry and candied apples.  Let’s not forget about getting more for that dollar to see the largest rodent in the world.

The chameleon of all buildingsChamelieon

Although creating a comfortable, well-lit environment is very important for an event’s success, those aren’t the best reasons to choose a Hercules Truss Arch building as your next venue.  For applications such as fairs, carnivals and expos, versatility reigns supreme!

Let me start by talking about their design.  We call them ClearSpan Fabric Structures for a reason.  They have a clear span of design, meaning no internal support posts to interfere.  This gives event planners total freedom of the structure.  If a vendor changes its mind on the booth space they need, no problem, there aren’t any walls or corners to interfere with a change in floor plan.  If you want a horse demonstration in one end of the building and food vendors on the other, still not a problem.  The best part is event planners can change the application of the building from one year to the next without blinking an eye.

But wait, there’s more

But wait there's moreHercules Truss Arch Buildings can be permanent structures and remain in one location until the end of time.  However, one of the main reasons our buildings are so successful within this industry is their mobility.  No the buildings can’t get up and move themselves, that really is too good to be true, but they can be moved by you.  Let’s say at the end of this carnival season you decide that you really want a Ferris wheel in the current location of the building for next year.  ClearSpan Fabric structures can be deconstructed and moved to a different location with ease.

But wait there's moreTheir design allows for easy installation and dismantling, kind of like a giant Erector® set.  Also, they do not require “permanent” foundations.  If you know that relocating the structure is a possibility, then you can choose a more temporary foundation option such as our Helical Anchors, concrete blocks or shipping containers.  Finally, to put the cherry on top, they can also be added on in length if you require a larger building in the future.  As your fair attendance grows, so can your building.

ClearSpan buildings are definitely becoming more popular among the exhibition communities and it is easy to see why.  Carnivals and fairs are meant to be a form of entertainment and relaxation and Hercules Truss Arch Buildings help facilitate that.  Now who’s ready for some funnel cakes?

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