ClearSpan’s Top 8 Stress Relief Building Countdown

Just relaxYesterday was Labor Day and hopefully you had some time to just sit, relax and blow off steam from all the hard work you’ve done all year.  Typically in our blog posts I like to talk about how our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings save you time and money and help increase production and efficiencies, but not today.  Today I’m going to talk about how ClearSpan buildings save you from overworking yourself and help reduce stress in our top 8 stress relief building countdown.

Relax kiddosI’m going to start off our countdown with one for the kiddos.  Going back to school and getting homework can be very stressful.  This 20’ wide x 64’ long indoor playground will help them unwind and burn off some extra energy.  Located in Brooklyn, NY, this ClearSpan Fabric Structure is equipped with padded walls and foam flooring making it the perfect romp room.

Stress reliefNext on the countdown brings us into the court room.  Relax, I mean the tennis court room of course.  Located in Ankeny, IA this 72’ wide x 120’ long indoor tennis facility is sure to help you work out that stress.  Just pretend the tennis ball is your boss or that pesky client and you’ve got yourself an enjoyable way to get a workout and reduce some tension.

Refreshing reliefKeeping with the theme of releasing angst and bad joo-joo is number six on our list.  Located in the beautiful Colorado Springs, CO this 72’ wide x 95’ long Hercules Truss Arch Building not only helps relieve your stress and increases your circulation, but it provides refreshment too.  Constructed as an indoor pool for a military base this building has brought relief to America’s heroes.

Equine friendsNumber five on our countdown brings us back to nature.  Where would we be without the love and compassion of our animal companions?  I personally don’t ride horses, but I know those who do find great joy in riding with their equine friends.  This 80’ wide x 90’ long ClearSpan indoor riding arena is located in Gibsonburg, OH and features horse stalls as well.

Laborers entertainmentTioga, ND is home to our next stress relief fabric structure.  This 65’ wide x 300’ long Hercules Truss Arch Building is a prime example of laborers needing to unwind.  This building was constructed as a mess hall for oil workers to enjoy entertainment such as shows, games and, of course, some good eats!

Free flyI think number three on our list seems a little terrifying, but to many, what better way to distress than soaring through the air, thousands of feet above the ground?  You guessed it, this 65’ wide x 60’ long truss building is home to multiple aircrafts.  Located in Fort Worth, TX this building allows civilians to park their rides in between in-flight sessions.Cafe relax

Located in Castleton, VA this next building is no stranger to ClearSpan’s countdowns.  It’s just so awesome we have to give it props as often as possible.  With a newly added outdoor café area in front of the 72’ wide x 56’ long dinning and reception building, this venue is a truly peaceful one.  Guests can enjoy the beautiful countryside before taking in a show in the 100’ wide x 170’ long attached Hercules Truss Arch Building.

Finally, we’ve come to the number one on the ClearSpan building stress relief countdown.  Also a repeat appearance on our countdowns is the M Resort and Casino’s 120’ wide x 210’ long Hercules Truss Arch Building, located in Las Vegas, NV.  Home Happy hourto concerts, fundraisers, sporting events, benefits and exposés I can’t think of a better way to relax then with a drink in my hand and some good music playing in the background.  Can you?

We appreciate everyone’s hard work and hope you enjoyed your long Labor Day weekend.  Although ClearSpan likes to improve your business and aid in your success, that includes the success of your personal life as well.  Everyone needs to unwind from time to time.  Cheers to you and your hard work over the past year!

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