Top 5 Crazy Cover Countdown

Crazy coversAlthough our customer base consists of many very professional and successful businesses that doesn’t mean they don’t like to have fun.  Nor does it mean that they can’t add a little personal flare to their Hercules Truss Arch Buildings.  By now you should all know we’re all about customizing to fit individuals’ needs at ClearSpan.  Today’s blog is a countdown of our top five craziest fabric covers of all time!

Crazy coversTaking the fifth spot on our list is a 40’ wide x 40’ long Hercules Truss Arch Building.  Located in Buffalo, NY this perfect little square building is used for salt storage.  The cover appears black, but it is actually dark green.  The white snow really pops atop this dark structure.

crazy coverMoving along to number four is a warehousing and manufacturing facility in Tomball, TX.  This 83’ wide x 200’ long beauty not only has a green trim, but it also has the company’s logo printed on the fabric.  Here’s a little known fact about our covers and logos.  When a company requests a logo be printed on the fabric we automatically use our 22 oz. vinyl fabric instead of the traditional 12.5 oz. polyethylene.  The properties of the vinyl material will absorb the ink whereas it would just wash off the polyethylene.

Crazy coverNumber three is located in Rio Dell, CA.  This building is 45’ wide x 100’ long and is used by a construction company.  This building is two-toned and the green end panels and side walls blend in perfectly with the surrounding landscape.  The white fabric top will allow in the abundant natural light that our buildings are well known for.

Crazy coverComing in at number two on our list is a 100’ wide x 195’ long ClearSpan Fabric Structure.  Located in King William, VA this building is used for clay storage.  Pretty fancy looking for clay storage if you ask me, but you might as well get what you want.  This building is unique because we rarely get requests for a fabric color other than white plus a separate color choice trim.  This building has a tan body and green trim.

Crazy coverDon’t think that all our selections have green in them.  Our number one craziest cover of all time is definitely like nothing you’ve seen before.  It kind of reminds me of the old cellular phone company, Cingular’s logo.  This 100’ wide x 138’ long Brooklyn, NY salt storage facility is in a whole other world away from cellular phone reception, but doesn’t this orange and white polka-dotted fabric color make quite the statement?

That concludes our top five crazy covers of all time.  We’re happy we have such creative customers and that we can meet their unique needs.  If you think your Hercules Truss Arch Building’s fabric cover can beat these, we’d love to see pictures!

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