Take a whiff and smell that fresh air! ClearSpan’s Manure Storage

 Manure storageWhen I was little, every time we’d drive by a farm during the summer my dad would say, “Take a whiff girls and smell that fresh air!”  My sister and I would then ignorantly take a whiff, gag a little and then reply “Ew dad, that smells like poop.” Of course what we were smelling was manure.  Now to some, like my father, the smell of manure triggers an odd sense of freshness and summertime joy, but to most of us it smells terrible.  Luckily, ClearSpan has a solution to prevent my future children from being tricked into smelling animal waste like I did…

Of course when I was younger I didn’t know anything about manure except for the fact that I thought it smelled awful.  Now, thanks to ClearSpan Fabric Structures I have a plethora of knowledge about manure, composting and the importance of good manure management.Manure storage

Protect Mother Earth

Probably the most important factor when storing manure and composting is to protect the watershed.  Without proper coverage environmental extremes of sun, wind and rain can adversely affect the balance of manure piles.  Precipitation mixed with manure can cause unsafe water run-off and lead to possible watershed contamination.  Also, protecting manure from rainfall improves its quality, increases nutrient retention and produces and overall higher quality product.Manure storage

It smells so bad I can taste it

In the past many have used tarps as their manure pile coverage option.  Although tarps are a fine method they aren’t the best long-term solution.  The durable covers of a Hercules Truss Arch Building are made out of 12.5 oz., UV-treaded polyethylene fabric and are warranteed for 15 years.  Polyethylene is perfect for controlling odor produced by manure.  It effectively prevents vector migration of vapors and gases into the atmosphere.  In other words, this means better odor control and more importantly less little girls gagging when their fathers drive them by a farm.Manure storage

Polyethylene, ClearSpan’s MVP

Natural light, ventilation and a controlled composting environment create the perfect conditions for manure handling and decomposition.  The polyethylene fabric we use for our fabric covers allows natural light to permeate through the cover creating a bright, clean and fresh environment.  This moderates the interior temperature and reduces the need for artificial daytime lighting.  It also promotes ventilation and better air quality.  Limiting condensation and gaining better moisture control ultimately results in a higher quality compost product.Manure storage

Make room for manure

We manufacture our buildings’ frames from USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel which is designed to withstand corrosive environments.  You won’t have to worry about shoveling snow off the manure tarp or wrestling with it in the wind either, Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are designed to meet local snow-load and wind-load requirements too. Our structures are available in widths from 20’ to 300′ and in virtually any length.  The length of our buildings can always be expanded in the future too.  Our structures do not require expensive concrete foundations and footings, and can be installed on almost any surface. They take as little as 3 to 5 days to install which means more time spent around the farm.Manure storage

ClearSpan structures also feature high sidewalls and clearances which allow ample room for skid steers, conveyors, pay loaders, turning machines and other large equipment to enter and exit. They have no interior support columns, allowing for maximum usable space.  You’ll then have more flexibility with your operation’s process.Manure storage

As I stated above, before ClearSpan I never imagined that this much went into managing piles of dung.  Now that I’ve been thoroughly educated I understand the importance of storing manure safely and how it affects the final product. Plus, don’t our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings add a little aesthetic appeal to a world of manure?  They definitely beat staring at piles of doo-doo.Manure storage

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