Everything but the Kitchen Sink—ClearSpan’s 73’W Turnkey Buildings

83 x 200 G Fort Madison IA CWeek after week I describe the custom designs and options of our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings.  From sizes and foundations to installation options, we do it all.  Some customers, however, don’t need all those options and just want one complete system.  This demographic is now in luck.  This fall, we’re launching our new 73’ wide Turnkey Buildings!

100 x 150 G Aurora IN CAlthough this building is perfect for a variety of applications, including warehousing, materials storage and indoor riding arenas, this model was designed specifically for our dressage customers.  We were finding that our more popular building sizes weren’t meeting the exact needs of a standard dressage arena.  Customers were either ordering on the smaller size or ordering bigger and having extra space.  We noticed that we were custom designing building after building to meet the requirements of a standard dressage arena.  So we thought why not work on the design and make the 73’ wide option as one of our standard sizes.  It will save both us and the customer time and money in the long run.

80 x 165 G Charlotte VT BThese large 73’ wide Turnkey Buildings offer the same maximum usable space as all our other structures.  They’re made from the same 12.5 oz, 24 mil rip-stop polyethylene fabric covers and are UV resistant and available in white, neutral, tan and green fabric.  Living up to our high-quality standards, they are constructed from our durable, American-made, triple- galvanized steel as well, providing long-lasting corrosion resistance.  Rafter spacing is 20’ on center and they are covered by the same industry-leading 15-year warranty, too.

83 x 150 G Rozet WY ASo what’s the big deal about these buildings if they come standard with the same features and benefits as our regular Hercules Truss Arch Buildings?  They’re complete turnkey buildings meaning that manufacturing, delivery and installation are all included in their affordable prices. Sizes range from 73’ wide x 60’ long and increase by 20’ length increments up to 73’ wide by 200’ long.

Helical 4Some of you may be wondering what type of anchoring option is included with our turnkey buildings.  They come standard with our innovative helical anchors.  Helical anchors are essentially large earth screws (some think they look like giant cork screws) that are drilled directly into the ground.  They go down about 8’ to 10’ depending on the ground condition and are fast and convenient.  One of the major benefits of helical anchors is they involve minimal site work and are 100% temporary.  Don’t get me wrong they can remain in the ground for as long as you need without replacements, but can be easily removed if you ever need to move the building.  When removed from the ground, helical anchors do not disturb the surrounding environment, making them extremely environmentally sensitive.

CS Show and Tail1The best part about our new 73’W Turnkey Buildings are the amazing financing options we are currently offering.  We know you need this building, which is why we want you to get it as soon as possible. Subject to credit approval, our current financing options are zero money down, zero interest up to 5 years and zero payments until June 2014!

Amazing, right?  Where else can you find a complete turnkey building with American-made reliability that includes manufacturing, delivery and installation all in one low price?


  1. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for writing. The prices reflect different lengths. The longer you go, the more expensive the building becomes. Each one of these buildings would be 73′ wide. If you have any further questions, or would like to discuss more about the options for the best structure to suit your needs, please call us at 1-866-643-1010 and ask to speak with one of our ClearSpan truss specialists.


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