Ships Ahoy! ClearSpan Drops Anchor on Marine Storage

Ships AhoyWith summer in full swing many head to the nearest body of water for some nautical amusement. Whether you like to get out for exercise on your kayak, get in some deep sea fishing or just like to take a pleasure cruise down the local river, summer is a great time to enjoy your life on the water and ClearSpan is here to help…

Ships AhoyAs beautiful as summer weather can be, we all know how treacherous and unpredictable it can be too. It can go from sunny and cloudless to torrential downpours in minutes, not to mention the thunder and lightning storms, tornados and hurricanes. ClearSpan’s Hercules Truss Arch Buildings make the perfect shelter for boats and have been popping up in marinas, shipyards and ports all over the country.Ships Ahoy

From small fishing boats to large vessels and cruise ships, ClearSpan’s boat storage facilities are perfect for any nautical application. Often used as general storage facilities, paint booths, boat houses, maintenance facilities and waterfront warehousing facilities these structures will accommodate and provide shelter for any size watercraft.Ships Ahoy

Not only are ClearSpan structures economical and quick to install, but they are also fully engineered and customized to meet your unique needs. Coastlines are not sheltered from the elements and structures built along them are required to withstand extreme wind loads, a requirement that is no problem for ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Buildings.

Ships AhoyWith frames manufactured from USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel, ClearSpan structures are designed to withstand corrosive environments. They can also be designed to be lifted by cranes for quick relocation around a harbor. If a marina nears full capacity, ClearSpan boat storage buildings are easy to expand in length. This is not only good for the marina owners, but perspective renters, too.

Ships AhoyClearSpan Fabric Structures are a superior alternative to wood or steel buildings because they have no interior support columns to interfere with vessels, machinery or laborers; these buildings provide maximum usable space. Available in widths up to 300′, our structures also feature high sidewalls and clearances which allow ample room for boats to enter and exit. Unlike traditional wood or steel buildings, natural light filters through our durable covers, reducing the need for artificial lighting and, therefore, saving on energy costs.Ships Ahoy

Expensive concrete foundations and footings are not necessary for our structures, which can be installed on almost any surface. Shipping containers are often a popular foundation choice when it comes to nautical buildings. Usually they’re easily accessible, making them an affordable and sturdy anchoring option.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s nice to know that when summer weather gets crazy and you’d normally have to stop painting or working on the ship there is no need to fear and lose valuable time. ClearSpan Fabric Structures provide the reliable, bright covered marine storage when you need it most.

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