Why pay for it when you don’t have to?

Why spend more?One of the many reasons people purchase ClearSpan’s Hercules Truss Arch Buildings is the fact that they are custom designed and engineered to meet site-specific requirements. Usually this is a huge selling point. Who doesn’t want a building that has an engineer’s stamp of approval guaranteeing it will hold up to the local wind and snow loads? Although thousands of people want, and require, their ClearSpan Fabric Structure to be engineered, applications do exist when our professional engineering isn’t necessary…

Non-engineeredWe recommend purchasing one of our engineered structures for any application located in an area that experiences extreme wind or snow, as well as applications that involve humans or animals. However, for locations with little to no snow or wind or applications for hay storage, carports and tool sheds and more our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings can be considered over engineered. Why pay for engineering if your application or location doesn’t require it? Luckily, we offer two economical ClearSpan™ stock designs and several smaller structures.

Cookie-cutter buildingsCookie-cutter
Our ponywall and freestanding buildings are perfect for those of you who want the same quality materials used for our Hercules Truss Arch buildings but don’t require engineering. Ponywall buildings are manufactured with the intent to mount them on some sort of post or foundation wall, whereas the freestanding buildings are designed to anchor to any surface. We have two options for each of these models. You can choose to either purchase a kit or HD design. Neither the kit nor HD designs are engineered, but the HD design provides a little more strength and durability than the kit.

Everything is now offered in HD
The HD buildings are our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings’ little brother. They’re made with the same raw materials and the steel tubing is arched into the webbed trusses just like our regular fabric structures, except they aren’t engineered for their location. Also, in order to keep them as economical as possible we only offer them in our standard width sizes (25′ 35′, 45′, 55′, 65′, 72′ and 83′), but you can still order them in any length.

Kit KatKit Kat
Our ponywall and freestanding kits’ covers are made from the same 12.5 oz. polyethylene fabric or 22 oz. vinyl, just like our HD or engineered structures and they are made from American-made, triple-galvanized structural steel, too. They’re still extremely durable, but the difference in design is that they are made of single-chord steel instead of the webbed trusses. Our kits are basically what they sound like, prefabricated and offered in set sizes and styles. There may not be room for customization with the kits or HD buildings, but they all have the same features as our engineered buildings, including abundant natural light, energy efficiency and portability.

High BoySmaller structures
If you’re just looking for a temporary carport until you get that third bay added to your garage or need a place to keep your wood pile covered, then one of our smaller structure options is probably your best bet. From our Storage Master buildings, Elite and Classic Garages, SolarGuard™ Oversized Garages, High Boys, Value Line and Econoline Buildings to our WeatherShield Canopies and Low Profile Roof Frames, we can accommodate any of your smaller-scale building or storage needs.

CanopyJust like we don’t hold a bias towards the industries we serve, we certainly don’t turn away customers depending on the size, complexity, or lack thereof, for a project. Of course we’d love everyone to jump right into one of our Hercules Truss Arch Buildings, but whether you’re working up to that, or just plain ‘ole don’t need an engineered building, we have something to accommodate your needs.

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