Caught in the Middle—Spotlight on Anacostia Community Boathouse Association

Anacostia BoathouseOften times, when people think of fabric structures they think of using them for cold weather applications like salt storage and indoor riding arenas. We’re not going to argue that fall is our busiest season; however, spring and summer happen to be the most popular time for new construction projects and with new construction comes the need for relocation. Such was the case for today’s blog. Stick around while we discuss how the Anacostia Community Boathouse Association combated their need to relocate…

93 x 140 Washington DCWhen the District of Columbia began a large-scale transportation project to replace two major bridges spanning the Anacostia River in Washington D.C., the Anacostia Community Boathouse Association (ACBA) found themselves caught in the middle, literally. As part of the project, the city had to tear down ACBA’s existing boathouse which was located between the two bridges.

Says Jennifer Ney, president of the association, “We decided on the location for the new boathouse with the city and they needed to move us quickly to prevent costly delays to the $300 million bridge project.” She continues, “Because of the rush, our temporary boathouse had to be built in a short timeframe. The biggest challenge was that the structure needed to be affordable, but large enough to accommodate our storage needs. We worked with an architect who recommended ClearSpan.” ACBA chose two Hercules Truss Arch Buildings. The larger of the two is used to store the association members’ rowing shells, canoes and kayaks.93 x 140 and 55 x 50 Rockville MD

Ney explains, “We needed a structure that would have the capacity to manage the 160 boats that belong to our members. The boats range in size from 6′ single boats to 60′ eight-man rowing shells, and the ClearSpan structure really suits our unique storage needs. The high clearance allowed us to work with a boat rack manufacturer to develop a rack system where we could stack boats seven high.” In the smaller building, the association has meeting and training space, as well as lockable storage stalls along two sides.Anacostia Boathouse

At their previous location, ACBA had the use of old naval buildings and were only able to store about a third of the boats inside. Ney says, “This is a huge upgrade. We are able to provide indoor storage for everyone and the facility is really comfortable, even in the summer.”

She continues, “Currently, our plans are to raise funds and begin building a permanent facility in ten years. We are quite happy with our ClearSpan structures and want to either build around or reuse them as part of the permanent facility.”Anacostia boathouse

We’re always glad to help our customers solve a tricky situation. No one looks forward to moving or having to relocate, but it’s good to know that there are affordable, safe alternatives out there for when the need arises. The next time you need a temporary storage or building solution make sure you give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

Once the ACBA raises enough funds to begin building a permanent facility what do you think they’ll do with their Hercules Truss Arch Buildings?

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