Have you met our Affiliate Company, TekSupply?

Two weeks ago I introduced you to our affiliate company, FarmTek. FarmTek offers over 30,000 products to the agricultural industry, and although that is great for farmers, what about contractors and manufacturers? Who do they turn to in order to outfit their entire operation? The answer is simple – TekSupply, our other affiliate company.TekSupply

Tek Supply is a division of FarmTek and was created to provide high-quality products at an economical price directly to contractors, construction companies, municipalities, manufacturers, suppliers and industrial communities. TekSupply is the perfect company to turn to once you have your ClearSpan Fabric Structure up and running, but need supplies to run your operation efficiently. Below, I’ve highlighted just a few of TekSupply’s offerings…

DoorsEasy access
So you have your fabric structure and you decided to purchase both end panels. Now you need a way to get in and out of your Hercules Truss Arch Building. TekSupply offers doors for any application and can accommodate anything from man doors to large vehicle access doors. Commercial Coiling Steel Sheet Doors are very popular for warehousing and garages, whereas TekSupply’s fabric gathering doors are great for workshops and cold storage. The options are endless when it comes to TekSupply. They even carry energy-saving, low-maintenance insulated doors. TekSupply doesn’t want any project to go unfinished, so hinges, latches, hangers, handles and carrier tracking are available as well.

Cooling and exhaust fansCool down and circulate
Air flow is important in any application, and luckily ClearSpan Fabric Structures provide natural ventilation and are typically 15 to 20° cooler than the outside temperature. Summer is almost here and with it comes rising temperatures. It is important to keep factory workers cool along with temperature-sensitive products. TekSupply offers a plethora of cooling and exhaust fans. From high-efficiency ceiling fans to evaporative coolers, TekSupply has something to fit any building’s cooling requirements.

Electric fenceKeep it contained
Fencing can be used around the job site, home or garden for a variety of applications. Property lines and products are fenced in, deer and birds are fenced out, and some fences are installed simply for privacy reasons. The type of fencing used depends on your individual needs and budget. Luckily, TekSupply has a variety of safety and snow fencing materials available for constructions sites, work zones and hazardous areas. Fencing is a great way to divide areas of the property while keep trespassers out. Electrical fencing is also available.

PolyMaxProfessional appearance
PolyMax® and polycarbonate are two all-purpose materials. They are bright and nearly indestructible. Both are very easy to apply to walls, ceilings or anywhere a durable, weatherproof surface is needed. Many customers use them for temporary walls for offices or bathrooms inside our ClearSpan buildings. They also make incredibly sturdy dividers or shelving. Many TekSupply customers mount them on the inside of walls to give a clean, professional look. The options for polycarbonate and PolyMax® are endless.

Just as FarmTek has something for everyone in the agricultural community, TekSupply has something for everyone in the industrial and construction fields.

The mission of our affiliate companies is the same as our own. We strive to provide every industry top-quality products that help their operation run more efficiently and economically.

What other TekSupply products do you want to learn about?

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