Building Dreams Since 1979

Building DreamsWhether for personal riding, small or large farms, stables or ranches, a ClearSpan indoor riding arena provides a superior riding and training environment for horses and riders. It is every rider’s dream to have a safe, beautiful, wide-open space that offers shelter from nature’s unforgiving elements and ClearSpan Fabric Structures do just that. Take a look below at some of the more recent dreams we’ve helped come true…

Building DreamsThanks to their generous property acreage, this Washington, NJ customer didn’t have to purchase a big building. Luckily for them this 45′ wide x 80′ long Hercules Truss Arch Building was perfect for their needs. It provides the right amount of room to exercise their horses during inclement weather.

Building DreamsWorthington, IA is home to this 75′ wide x 100′ long ClearSpan indoor riding arena. The owners get to enjoy hosting workshops and clinics for their boarders. Not every arena can accommodate a round pen and viewing area, all the while providing ample natural light and with no viewing obstructions.

Building DreamsThis 100′ wide x 160′ long Hercules Truss Arch Building is equipped with a whole lighting and infrared heating package. Fortunately the owners will find they’ll only have to switch on the lights at night. The heaters will only be used on the coldest of the Fargo, ND days.

Building DreamsLemoore, CA is where our next building calls home. Notice they opted for no end panels, which is a great cost-cutting option for those in warmer regions. This building is 65′ wide x 100′ long and will really be a blessing when the hot summer sun is beating down on the horses and riders.

Building DreamsOur last dream come true is located in Egan, IL. It is 100′ wide x 195′ long building and equipped with two large vehicle access doors. During stormy weather the building can double as an equipment storage area.

No matter the size or complexity of your dream riding arena, ClearSpan can make it come true. We’re happy to be of service and enjoy turning a distant thought into reality.

ClearSpan indoor riding arenas are popping up all over the country. Which state do you think takes the prize for having the most Hercules Truss Arch riding arenas?

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